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    Sell 105 Nemere Helmets - Server first and only

    Meley incoming
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    Buffs Perma / More Metin Stones

    Wom2 is the easiest it has ever been and people are still complaining to make it easier? Smh
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    Group orc maze Lvl 45-59/55-79

    If you make it IP based it will just discourage new players because they most probabily didn't have the time to team up with friends or join a guild
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    PvM boost for disadvantaged classes

    No. Bm suras are already a beast in nemere dungeon. Adding 25% dmg boost would result in 5 min runs
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    Class guides?

    Step 1. If you want to farm delete it and make body warrior
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    [AURORA] 1vs1 PvP Tournament

    Name: AkyWheels Class: ningea
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    Unbalanced farming

    Message edited for spam, forum user @Aky420 has been warned.
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    Unbalanced farming

    Git gud and stfu
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    Pet system change(mount system)

    If it ain't broke don't fix it
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    Sell sell 40kkk

    Hi i want 400kkk
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    Dungsean Peaks - the new Red Forest

    I call BS but oki bud
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    Dungsean Peaks - the new Red Forest

    Peaks has been a very easy map since the beginning, but that's also the big downside of it. Because it has such low requirements pretty much everybody will farm in it, which means less overall metins (and drops, obvs) for each person
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    Passive skills

    Keep wom more classic pls
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    Accepted Bug abuse in official tournaments

    Oki 28k beats ur the man