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    Horseback slash

    Known issue
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    Halloween 2020

    Fear players! Wait... I heard this line before... Anyway! Halloween knocks our doors in WoM, so you better beware of what's coming! This year's Halloween Event starts on the 26th of October at 18:00 CEST and ends on the 9th of November at 18:00 CEST. For starters, Johwa City has been given a...
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    Discord overlay

    We had this in discussions and we have reasons not to make use of it. Security reasons for the client. I'm not rejecting it but it's unlikely to happen.
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    Removing the guild's tag (prefix)

    We are giving free scroll to the leaders of guilds with tags to remove the tags if they want. It's enough to ask a GM for a free scroll for your guild with tag. Anyhow, we don't guarantee your name without a tag so if it's not available (somebody took that name already) your option is to pick...
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    Halloween's Event Costumes - Poll

    the special one is going in item-shop as every other event had
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    Halloween's Event Costumes - Poll

    We are aware the costume was last year used but we decided to let you all decide what costume you want this year without discriminating the Warlock Suit. It's up to the community at this point.
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    Halloween's Event Costumes - Poll

    Dear players, Halloween is that part of the year where we get dressed in scary costumes and we try to get some drops. Some players will buy a new costume, but some will just hope to have a chance to simply drop it in-game. This year, the decision of what costume you'll be able to drop is...
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    Set us free

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    Polymorph Event 8th Oct

    Some feedback? at least this time ?
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    Polymorph Event 8th Oct

    The event is on. 6 hours to drop as many boxes as you can. 8 hours to improve your boxes at your will.
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    Polymorph Event 8th Oct

    Bump lol
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    [Question] Aqua Dragon

    You should be able to poison him but it might take some time.
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    [Question] Aqua Dragon

    What is your level ? Edit: Anyway, you need at least level 90 to poison the Dragon and at level 90 and 91 it's very hard because he has poison resistance which makes your poison chance even lower. The higher the level of your character the better.
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    Polymorph Event 8th Oct

    Dear players, On Thursday, 8th of October, starting with 'To be determinate' CEST you will be able to drop for 6 hours, from any monster in your level range, Polymorph Boxes tier I. Starting with same hour, but for 8 hours, you will be able to improve your boxes at Ariyoung for a small fee and...
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    Mobs doesnt move, but they actually move "invisible".

    Hello, please restart your client and you should see the mobs correctly at least for some time. We will also investigate what is happening for a fix.