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    Forum Lottery - (23.09 - 29.09)

    Name :aMatteo5 1 3 5 15 25 31
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    Player count

    F**k yes,the new update will definetly bring wom2 to 1000 at least until january
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    Otel sura +5

    Bless pana la +8 si de acolo artizanale... Asta e..
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    beta maps bonuses

    Metin of wrath -lighting orcs Metin of calamity-earth orcs Metin of malice-devil wind Metin of gloom-animals earth Metin of ember-earth demihuman Metin of vanity-devil ice
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    Forum Lottery - (09.09 - 15.09)

    Name in game: aMatteo5 Numbers: 1 3 5 15 25 44
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    remove clam drop 86+ and 90 maps

    If clams do not drop the number of fishers will rise because it will mean a greater profit it will be like 3k yin a clam and not 1.5 like it's now
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    remove clam drop 86+ and 90 maps

    +1 2hours farming=15 clams what is the point of fishing? Why would anyone do that when they can spend 2 weeks to make a beta Sura
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    You will never believe what I am buying

    Still buy diamond CL4?
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    Salut,trebuie sa cumperi de la alti playeri sau din item shhop pergamentul Deo-Jinhwa click dreapta si iti va transforma petul intr-un puiut
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    Server down?

    Why is the server down and when will it go live again?
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    Moonlight event

    Hi,when does the current moonlight event end?
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    Lvl 39 ninja pvp items

    How much for the helmet if you still have it
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    Fireland items

    It s an account made for farming i have another account,with G skils and average items I resist?
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    Fireland items

    Hello, how i need to equip a lvl 54 sura with Enchanted Blade,Fear and Enchanted armour as skills m5 all of them and a pet that gives me 136 attack to farm comfortably at metin stones in fireland I already have a fms avg 36 +5 stones ,silver bracelet 20 drop,leather boots 2k pv 15 avoid...