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    Balancing the market

    lmao what if it gets accepted
  2. Goni

    Rollback wom2 to its glory days

    this thread will get closed, better start already to open 5 threads
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    Forum Lottery - Summer Edition (01.07 - 08.07)

    IGN Goni 1 2 3 4 5 6 + 7
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    Officially under 3k players in 24hours - A message to players and Game Moderators

    i stopped right there, and will not continue reading
  5. Goni

    Buy Looking for farmers (CHAOSES)

    or he just wants to make money, because if you break chaoses you are on profit 100% of the time
  6. Goni


    sadly yea
  7. Goni


    tried my best i swear
  8. Goni

    Uhm, excuse me what?

    it is true that the suggestion is pretty vague, but the thread was not closed for it "bonus adder and changer 6/7" you took this as 2 suggestions haha, dont read like a robot, dont increase the counter by 1 everytime you see "and" or "," thats not smart
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    well well well

    you are late to the party
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    Why are suras disliked here?

    then why there are 0 suras in peaks
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    Teleport Issue

    doesnt always work
  12. Goni

    Temporary pets changes (POLL)

    not bad
  13. Goni


    up, price reduced to 3.5, i have 10kkk