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    Fever of Metins

    And ninjas and high lv bm s
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    Sell 4x full eclipse blade +9

    Sold, close pls
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    Keep bonuses saved in Search Shop

    Yes pliz
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    PvP char and PvM

    Imo for pvp high lvl i would go dagger/bm
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    Sell 4x full eclipse blade +9

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    Sell 4x full eclipse blade +9

    I will. I was offline at the time i post this thread
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    Sell 4x full eclipse blade +9

    Wts eclipse blade +9: -10 cooldown reduction -10 crit -10 pierce -10 demi human -12 agility (:triumph:) Pm here
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    Fever of Metins

    If there is low chance for hermits advice well its pointless bcs we will drop like 5 at most
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    Guild tournament in 2 Days same category?

    Wow, wish 3 kingdoms back poll was that easy lmao
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    Sell ruby cl5 avg attack

    Gg dupa 26kkk
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    Buy 0-18 Shaman Armor

    Goddamn some1 roll for this armour, she is too patient :joy: :joy: :joy:
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    warrior pet

    Only agression of course
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    warrior pet

    Only if he wants to stay low lvl