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    SELL 7kkk 52,5e (7.5e each 1kkk) I PAY THE FEE

    I only sell all 7kkk at once, 52.5e, accept paypal, for fastest respond contact me on discord PrinZz#4086
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    SELL 7kkk 52,5e (7.5e each 1kkk) I PAY THE FEE

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    Aqua dragon

    If you say the run is not worth it right now then you dont know how to farm to farm it, ofc you are not suppsed to stay there and the 3h cooldown time, it takes around 10 mins from map1 to hl2 sura ghost, and 10-15 mins on average,to kill generals + do the run not to mention that you dont need...
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    Aqua dragon

    First of all its a 5 min run, 3h cooldown and 5 chests is just good, what is annoying is the time required to get there. but at least we can use rings inside hl, then even if u get DC you can join again, buy you will need another key.. but yea i think it shouldnt ask for another key cuz u...
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    Same gender marriage for teleporting

    Seems like you werent able to understand what i wrote, not my problem then A Suggestion is made for the whole Server in general, not just for yourself, and i personally dont even have or want 2 chars of the same gender which i want "married", but still this system is wrong because, as we...
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    Same gender marriage for teleporting

    No one uses this system because of of the "marrige" concept, if you couldnt teleport to your partner no1 would give a fck about it, in my opnion it would be nice to rename this system, giving it some other name. Right now its just a system which allows you to teleport two of your chars which...
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    Forum Lottery - Special Edition (10.02 - 16.02)

    PrinZz 23 35 22 8 39 33 + 9
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    Question and answer

    Depends on the situation Intel or amd ?
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    Forum Lottery (18.11 - 24.11)

    1 25 33 21 22 18 PrinZz
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    Forum Lottery (04.11 - 10.11) NEW RULES

    IG: PrinZz 21 19 35 40 35 9
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    Shop Search & Lost King's Treasure Map

    At least we can search for them now
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    Metins and chaos stones should be vulnerable to damaging spells

    Ye the thing wich destroys balance in pvm completely is the power of basic hits and pets make it all worse , having somth like that would be really intresting, and much more fun than just hitting space from your pet and thats it, i personally really like the nemere run and i wish there would be...
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    Question and answer

    Lets bring this thread back alive :eyes: kimi no na wa ( Your name ) 100% for 10k € or 50% 100k € ?
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    Forum Lottery (21.10 - 27.10)

    PrinZz 25 31 29 42 9 48