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    Wine + dropable at Beta

    Drops at aqua too
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    Guildsystem 2.0

    they said they have something "really big" for guilds, but who knows when it will come xD
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    Invictus - International Guild

    We gonna be inactive on wom2, as we are planning to move to wom3, this thread can be closed ( for now )
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    Cannabis guild

    it dosnt exist
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    Wom3 going to kill Wom2

    With that i agree man ! They should add this drop, we need it right now ! :joy::joy:
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    Unoffical poll about Kingdoms/Dynasties

    Hey, hello i saw many comments about this matter lately, so i thought of creating a poll to help the team to know what players prefer ( i hope it helps ) I personally prefer the old kingdoms, i think we will have enough players for 3 kingdoms, also i like the idea of the 3 kingdoms more than...
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    Wom3 lets discuss

    bring back 3 kingdoms please -_-
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    Aqua Dragon's Coffer

    Oh right. my bad, tried now and ye i found it xD
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    Aqua Dragon's Coffer

    Hello, I just wanted to be sure that the team knows that Aqua chests arent added in price checker, i hope team will add asap :)
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    WoM2 survey

    Glad to see something like that from the team :) ( i hope every1 chosed two dynasties from that what u want to be removed thing xD )
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    New Server

    So creating a new international server would ofc. be hype for the first few months, ye many players would enjoy it etc. but what after this period of time ? The server will start losing players, and then new players will be divided again between two servers, which means we wont see as many...
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    Invictus - International Guild

    Yes we are, contact me in-game PrinZz
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    v18.0 Discussion

    Fragnament chance should be nerfed in low level, there are too many metin spots and people likke one metin in 20 sec when to less
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    chaos metins another update for low-mid level char.

    is this fixes right now ?
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    Daily Limit on Chaos Fragments

    Would not change much, as it so easy to create second farmer