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    Sell Sell all my items pvp and pvm

    Thread can be close the all items+ alchemy will be sold in 2-3 data Thank You wom2
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    Sell Sell all my items pvp and pvm

    Sell all my pvp items and i want to sell all or nothyng becouse if i sell 1 items the all accounts is useless. So i prefer sell all items pvp from video from 250 euro strat price I can sell a part of items for a good offer. Trade is 100% safe Today i present my pvp items + alchemy and in the...
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    How does the trade work?

    oK i will contcat 1 GM for verification and who will be interest about my all items pvp and alchemy class 5 keep eyes on the forum Who is interested to invest some real money to byt nr 1 items and perfect alchemy keep eyes on forum .
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    Is this playable again?

    Also the low chsnce for good bonus
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    Is not google translate problem. Is my fack,,, phone who trasnlate all i type in ro for exemple i type tomorow and afther i move to the next word tomorow become tocane or topoare,, and i dont have the patience to rewrithe again.
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    Argus am nevoie de un raspuns

    Penibil ești tu. Nici nu știi ce vorbești. Te bagi că musca in cu,,,, calului. Nu ai sa vezi niciodată pe cineva să bată un ninja la dojang 105 level
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    Dojang alchemy bug

    i am soory i didnt record last night dojang but i will do next one and maybe will hapend again.
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    Argus am nevoie de un raspuns

    ok that is good too but just to know and you can test what i say is thrue about pvp balance special at 105 there is feal the wrong changes was made and also the miss of strong vs ninja on garnetsay what ever you want this is the thrue
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    Dojang alchemy bug

    I notice more times in Arena Dojang afther you win 1 battle and teleport to the next battle the alchemy sign disapear from the display and the effect also, you need to activate again. I say one more time to be undestrood when you are teleport to the next battle the alchemy dosnt work even if you...
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    Argus am nevoie de un raspuns

    Am observat ca in ultima perioada esti singurul GM care raspunde pe wom2 forum. Probabil a ramas in sarcina ta, sau cine stie, nu asta este important. Ceea ce vreau sa te intreb este: In urma cu ceva vreme ti-am spus cate ceva despre modificarile pvp care s-au facut in patchul 13.0, cand Ritual...
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    very well say it no comment. i want to play again in wom2 but the 2 chanel keep me back, the max 250 players and special the worst drop on boss, metins, events...
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    Buy onyx super class

    Buy onyx super class crap or sura+ rez or sura+ block
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    yes seems game forge want to close private server, but why you think wom 2 will not be close? like the rest? I dont think they pay the license to game forge.
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    Remove limitation 3 Clients

    i am agree with you, from the first day i have trust in Shogun and in this server, but i realize now they have no clue about the real situation from the wom2. And also have no clue what mean update and fun game play In this moment wom2 is a crap server thanks to wom2 stuff
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    v18.3 - v18.7 Discussion Thread

    Hi, i like your avatar, kamaleon english? lool i am glad to see i have somethyng that represnt me, I am the beste english man