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    we might need some signs of interest

    If you include in this update a change in alchemy bonuss, and here i refear at the situation to have all strong vs other class in the perfect combination, becouse right now strong vs ninja cant be use on diamond where the perfect are skill damage and skill rezist for all class. And i suggest...
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    Love Necklace Bugged!!!

    I dont know what you try to say but i can assure you kameleo have nothyng to sell and if someone have some proove in this mathher you can be sure 100% is not me. Many players try to get rid of this me in this manner crfeate acc with my name and then spread lies i sell this i sell that. but is...
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    Love Necklace Bugged!!!

    You will be suprissed but nothink îs working like he must do. Pvp bonuss and even pvm. The stuff seems to ne blind ir they think we are to noobs to see the all mistakes from the client. But thanks Good they have kiddu and Stojeba
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    v18.2 Update on 27th April

    Nice update. Now alchemy system need a Little tweek, strong vs ninja moved to gârneț. And verify ninja ghost attack from lăsat Bug they receiver and i can come back to play. Right now the rest of players have no chance with same pe bethher equipement. This îs the reason i quit. No balance in...
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    Season 3 Pre-Announcement #1 Discussion Thread

    Hahaha; becouse they work to much to promote new server
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    Maintenance on the 22nd of April 2019

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    wom2 is end?

    like the wom2 merge with wom3.
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    wom2 is end?

    yes i quit for good and at this moment i pm here the server where i move have more then 1k online and is 10 am morning I was addicted to wom2 but afther they made some bad changes to the game i understand the players who stop playng the game and move. I WISH YOU GOOD LUCK here to farm 1 year...
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    wom2 is end?

    this is the best joke i see in tyhe last 2 months. Realy good one, hahaaa Atm you have 138 pl online and from tomorow morning i post a picture to see the reality. You have hope players will come to play wom3 a hard server like wom2 and full of frustrate players?
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    wom2 is end?

    Wom2 will not end they have big plans for improving our game play. Like massive updates and great events along with the long waited season pass 3, where afther you buy nseason pass 3 you have a a new line of missions and at the end the extraordinary paint of haire is waiting for you. Also the...
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    And that is problem too becouse is not normal vs 1 player who use sword and hit you he dont do damage even you have 0 sword on equipement. yes i know the set vs bm is easy. make 10hh and 15 magic in helm is very easy all players have, make on neklace hp+ 10 critical+ 10 pierce armoure just hp 50...
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    i understand your point and you have totaly right but not 100%. I underdtand chars have advantage and disadvantage and i post that long tiome ago in this forum. You can check it. But i dont undertand why afther 2 times pvp balance they decide again to nerf 1 skill for sura bm and the distance...
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    Buy Jade cl 5 2xHP

    Buy Jade cl 5 2xHP OR crap 1
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    Thank you As for bm, I have played on this char for more than 3-4 years and I believe when I tell you that the better strategy is to hit the opponent as quickly as possible with some changes depends on the opponent's class. As for bm vs bm there is no strategy all depends on demi-humans , cast...
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    Censured for non reason WHY?

    thank you for that and i try to act like you wish, sometimes i can be anyonyng and i apologize for that but i think io have good reasons behind and if the asnwer is not so relevant i try to ask agaion why and why? ia m not wom2 enemy, i am just a loyal fun who respect wom2 team in al, this years...