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    Player count

    880 what the **** is going on lmao
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    New Video - The Rise Of Schepper

    stop embarassing yourself lol, delete this crap.. idk how others find this good
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    Sell My Time has come. 13kkk able

    puta right choise
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    Buy wtb sce 20 drop 20devil

    wtf go make ur crap pvp char a lil bit better instead buying this wtf
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    zAno Media

    @Roqua getting that yin to sell easy $$ btw nice video ano
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    $$ for my bosna bro
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    WoM2 is ruining themself with the RMT.

    many players including you are there to sell their items finally becouse rmt is allowed now. pls no hate towards the server just it is what it is
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    i am sorry but i want to point your mistake at the title, "telport", pls fix it.
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    v18.3 - v18.7 Discussion Thread

    hey if nothing changers gonna be 7kk minimum now hehe
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    Want to sell Yin

    wait what
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    Sell Good bye wom <3

    78euro for this
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    How does the trade work?

    you rat
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    Equipment sets

    flex on us with dem bracelets, okey habib
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    v18.2 Update on 27th April

    no you didnt kill