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    Disable PvP in first room of Temple

    I want to mine the vein that is 3 meters on the left, i should change ch 2 times?
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    Disable PvP in first room of Temple

    -1 There are times that a dude stucks u at a vein with his other 7-8 accounts and u cant leave without moving them yourself
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    Hi! Does anyone know if...

    I remember someone on forum tested it and it doesnt work
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    BM Sura-Nemere

    my opinion is scb and alraunes neck are better
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    Ajust few itens

    Every coffer needs to have crap drop And tbh azrael is pretty good right now as firms are raising in price
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    "Dream Team III" - GT Special Event

    Dreamteam by Unchristed Top guilds 1)Hated 2)Hat3d 3) Gospoda 4)WorldCazan Quadesh Insignia Kiddu Ipitzi Yoichi Xmoveeoutmaway Invalid, 3 players from Hated. Finals: Hated vs hat3d 100: 82
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    Buy Top nemere bm shield

    No thank u, looking for minimum 12 int 20 eso
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    Shop search or list/buy NPC for completed gear

    My mini suggestion for this one would be to: u can place only 1 item per char and until it sells or u take it off yourself u cannot put a second item
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    Buy Top nemere bm shield

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    Map1 Shop Radius

    Yeah the main point is to eliminate the lag for the machine in itself and as a result to players too
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    V4 question

    Lightning resist and piercing resist -(optional) Demonic ashes drop the mobs at the end of hl1 and at the beginning of hl2
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    Buy Top nemere bm shield

    World's shield+9 Reqs: 12 int 20 eso Stun 15 block-optional (if it has block too im willing to pay pretty good) Pm here please
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    Wtf dude, they were spamming the warning for 2 hours straight, dont ask for compensation
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    Demonic Ashes are too expensive,and at the same time rare too

    Its been more than 6-7months that we havent seen hexagonals
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    Dynasties vs Kingdoms

    In terms of coding i think it wouldnt