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    Summer Event - PvM Challenge

    Player 1: k0000 (Captain) Player 2: HajimeNagumo Player 3: MissPrety Player 4: Andres23 Level category: 97-110 Hour: 20:00
  2. Koo

    Forum Lottery - Summer Edition (01.07 - 08.07)

    Name in game: k0000 Numbers: 4 9 16 23 29 36 +6
  3. Koo

    Switch Channel & Exit Game

    +1 for both changing channel and exiting game
  4. Koo

    More time elixirs

    If i could buy any amount of time elixirs for 80k yin each, it wouldnt be a problem. But i type "time elixir (L)" (or (M), or even (S)) in shop search and see 0-2 results. For 110 lvl farm u need to keep not only ruby active, i need, for example, 4-5 stones active for my normal farm. So i dont...
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    More time elixirs

    We now face the problem that a person cant find time elixirs on market to keep his alchemy active, and prices for elixirs are getting higher every day. People mostly need alchemy on high levels, so i think it would be fair to add time elixir (L) in some high lvl chests, like razador, meley...
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    Shop offline time bug

    The problem is the following: i have merchant's wisdom active on my char, and when i log out in the evening i have 16 hours offline time left on my shop. But when i log in in the morning next day (after 10-11 hours of being offline), i see my offline time ended and shop is not on. It has...
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    Im a guildmate of Cora77 and I was trying to find out what has happened. I've talked with both guys, and here is how I see the situation. It wasnt a scam, it was like a guy ran out of patience while waiting his debt back. I can understand him - its quite weird when 110 lvl cant make 1kkk for...
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    3vs3 PvP Tournament

    Team: TheLastMoment KooBuf JOOJEE xAmbusher Replacement: DemiXgod
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    Seems like immune on 100 lvl shield doesnt work

    Of course, nobody cares about that shield, cause its useless for both pvp and pvm, but still i think the game should work correctly :)
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    Seems like immune on 100 lvl shield doesnt work

    I have 100 lvl shield +6 on my buffer (with 12 int for buffs), that shield has immune against stun as its own bonus. But i regulary get stunned by skelleguard beasts in peaks. Should it be fixed or i dont understand something? With other shields with immune they cant stun me.
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    Make search of poly marbles in shops easier

    The problem now is the following: when i want to buy polymorph marbles and search for them in shops, i see 100+ shops with them. But in most shops i see only crap polys that i dont want to buy. So i want our GM team to make different names for different poly marbles for shop searching system...
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    Forum Lottery (20.01 - 26.01)

    Name in game: k0000 Numbers: 4 11 17 23 30 36
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    Forum Lottery - Winter Edition (16.12 - 22.12)

    ign: k0000 4 16 23 28 31 38 +17
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    Forum Lottery (07.10 - 13.10)

    Name in game: k0000 Numbers: 2 14 26 33 38 41
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    Forum Lottery - (09.09 - 15.09)

    Name in-game: k0000 Numbers: 12, 26, 33, 38, 41, 46