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    Forum Lottery - January 2021

    Name in-game: k0000 Server: Aurora Numbers: 4 14 18 23 32 39
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    [AURORA] 1vs1 PvP Tournament

    Name: BoyNextDoor Class: Sura
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    PvP Tournaments - Discussion thread

    What about weapon skins? Are we allowed to use them in coming 1v1?
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    Accepted Make energy effect removable

    Can be closed now due to v21.4 update
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    Accepted Bug abuse in official tournaments

    +1 for adding cooldown
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    Bring Back Low Level GT

    +1, there should be an ability of registration, some categories can be cancelled if there are not enough teams, but give them a chance at least
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    Accepted Make energy effect removable

    Im talking about the effect of vitality stones. The problem now is when u need to use 15 vita stone (for some pvp fight, for example) and u already have some lower on u (like 6 or 10 one), u just cant do that, u need to wait for an old effect to be gone, which is not fast usually. So i suggest...
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    -1, it will break balance in both pvm and pvp
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    Cross Channel Shopsearch

    +1 for main topic, we need something to make this search faster now About old kingdoms, i think there is no problem to make them back but keep same map1 for all kingdoms for all player's shops as it is now. I actually dont want to search not only on 5 channels but on 3 different maps as well...
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    Taking out "YIN" system

    when we had only yang, it was like that, and u suggest to make it back, so... anyway, even if we could have 1kkkk+, i dont think it makes sense. i dont see any bad thing in system we have now.
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    Bonus Checker

    +1, and it would be nice to see clearly how they are really calculated by the game
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    Taking out "YIN" system

    -1, if we get back to situation when u can have 1kkk yang maximum in ur invetory, it would be very uncomfortable with today's prices.
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    Remove cooldown on changing channel after visiting player's shop

    Since recent changes with shop redistribution came out, we need to search on all five channels for an item we want to buy. So i suggest making this search a bit faster by removing cooldown time on changing channel after visiting a shop. I dont see any reason why there should be such a cooldown...
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    if u mean +5% strong against monster or +5% crit boost etc, then -1 from me - we already have enough of stuff from site shop that gives us pvm damage, as ring of will power and mini pets, there is no need to boost it even more and force us to buy more DC for better farm. if there will be only...