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    Warrior and sura

    Lionsword +9: 227-247 av Poison sword +9: 237-277 av How is that higher? Honestly, they screwed up the balance when they changed berserk. Adding an expensive way for dagger ninja and wp sura to get more dmg should be done. Every other class is balanced in pvm.
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    Leveling Service in HL2

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    Enigmatic weapons

    Sura bm is already the best char to use for nemere, I am assuming that is the reason
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    Leveling Service in HL2

    I am leveling people for yin in hl2 Green kingdom/Bojun kingdom You pay first, then I will level u (i am trusted dw) The price depends on how many levels u need and if you have full exp eq or not. Message me here on forum, ingame: LisbergBuff or Discord: Lisberg #3804 :)
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    CH5 close?

    Wom2 team: Releases update that is supposed to bring back players Also Wom2 team: Closes ch5, when more ppl will join
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    Accepted drop level cap for ghost and red wood

    +1 - there has to be something done about lvl 75 farming. Atm there is no reason to go lvl 75, since u can do everything that a lvl 75 can do in lvl 55, but better.
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    Temporary pets changes (POLL)

    Why didn't u just buff the pets and kept the old version. That way the pets were more appealing too, and u didnt have to ignore 50+% of the votes.
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    Cor farming at 90+

    Dont even bother. Make a 55 sura and go v3, way better. If you for some reason doesn't want to do that, the best place is lemures. It's worse than v3 tho.
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    Buy 25kkk, 1kkk/2 euro - I pay the fee

    The worst case is that I dont find a seller, not the end of the world for me. The price has already fallen from 6-7 euro to 3, so someone might as well want to sell for 2
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    Buy 25kkk, 1kkk/2 euro - I pay the fee

    The title explains itself, hook me up here or on discord: Lisberg #3804
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    New player tips and advice

    U want earrings and shield with 12 int and pearl necklace. No need for wep. But yea its worth buying ee and str shield
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    New player tips and advice

    My suggestion is first of all to stay at 55 until u get 90 or 96. Instead of farming using hte and int in shield I suggest to use str and ee instead. What u want to do is get full int eq, then use blade, and then switch to eq with str to max your dmg. For eq when u hit 90, there is various...
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    [GUIDE] Pet System

    Anyone knows the speed on camel compared to the others?
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    Naaga Dungeon - Shaman bell AVG % or SKILL %?

    Healmage can do just fine in naaga. But usually you don't want to farm from the ground, since bell's autoattack animation from the ground is way worse than war or sura.
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    frozen key etc

    "In a few days" The patch has been online for under an hour?