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    New/Old Shop Distribution comparison

    this new shop distribution is kinda usless, anyway we ll have kingdoms again, you ll use this distribution there too? we ll see map1 jino ( a huge map ) quite empty?
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    WoM2: Odyssey population

    ok ok, the hype it s big, maybe there will be a high number of players, but what we can do to have a number of players and shops on each kingdom? to don t see a ghost town Joan (map1 Chunjo) & Yongan (map1 Shinsoo). From what i remember on wom2 global all of the kingdoms were full of players and...
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    WoM2: Odyssey - Discussion Thread

    Finaly, i was waiting for this, it s awesome! You make me so happy! #PROUD Love you guys:heart:
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    Accepted New temporary server

    #WoM2 #ODYSSEY
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    Sell 5kkk yang - 50 lei paysafe

    5kkk yang - 50 lei paysafe discord : WizMalifa#3074
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    Kings Event

    Proof that you have no tastes
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    Lyetta's letters and transcriptions of the old Empire's journals.

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    Dynasties vs Kingdoms

    i did it, and after 1 sec being in Joan automatically sent me in Johwa
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    Dynasties vs Kingdoms

    any arguments?
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    Dynasties vs Kingdoms

    hehe nice point of view
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    Dynasties vs Kingdoms

    13 from few thousand, i want to see at least a few hundred...
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    Dynasties vs Kingdoms

    that s why this is a discussion not like an suggestion ( but still have some hope )
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    Shop name range

    I think we should have the option to see from 0 to all of shops name, i prefer to see them all instaed of loading with moving position of my character is quite annoying. (I know i can hide the name of shop but i like to see them) And it looks good on videos.
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    Dynasties vs Kingdoms

    What do you prefer the most? Do you think WoM2 should get back to kingdoms or remain with actual dynasties and Johwa map? Let your to thoughts with pro and cons about both of them. First of all let me share my preference, I m with kingdoms, I like them, I can say that I love Chunjo, is like my...
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    Current GamePlay and Server Future

    how to kill wom2 again #tutorial