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    No more moving speed on Zombie Pumpkin Mask and Witch Hat.

    I also own the costumes but I don't care about 2x 5% moving speed bonus. I mean in the end you have 210 instead of 220 while it is capped at 200 anyway.
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    Love to Steven <3

    Der bunte Klotz den du täglich aufheben musst.
  3. Mollusk

    v17.4 Discussion

    bruhh you have to work to get something here. pahaha
  4. Mollusk

    The Overlord Event

    yep. Strong vs. germans helps agains overlords :)
  5. Mollusk

    Is it possible to make disconnects not kick out characters from dungeon?

    yeah maybe in 2018 we can get such an essential bugfix.
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    Scroll of Betrayal 50% Discount

    wtf is happening? First time metin2 community doesn't react like selfish brainless hippos.
  7. Mollusk

    Scroll of Betrayal 50% Discount

    lol let the flame begin. "why now, I already changed with 50 accs"
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    How does a pierce attack work?

    wrong. Pierce works different on WoM. Pierce just ignores the enemy's defence.
  9. Mollusk

    Timer for "Resurrect back in city"

    still annoying when your buff restart in city. nothing to do with afk.
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    National war lvl 50-99

    dafuq who said anything else? That's not the point. Im out since my postings here are unnecessary because I won't join any PvP anyway :) Just wanted to leave my opinion, sorry for that.
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    National war lvl 50-99

    I shower daily. You shoulda try it too.
  12. Mollusk

    National war lvl 50-99

    For me dyieng from everything 1 or 2 hit isn't fun. However, I don't play PvP in Metin anyway since it is total garbage.
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    National war lvl 50-99

    still any 105 player has an OP full alch 79 char or whatever. Doesn't matter if they join with their 105 or 79 char. New and casual player won't have a chance anyway - so I don't see the point in changing something here.