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    Current GamePlay and Server Future

    I completely agree with Loki's point of view. Regarding Trading's arguments, I have something to add. -> I agree about the server being mostly PvM atm, but saying that we need a oPvP Update is vague. They can run oPvP events more often. Increase a lot the rewards for Lv110 Dojang, National War...
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    "Dream Team II" - GT Special Event

    Dream Team by Quadesh 1. Hated 2. WorldClass 3. Gospoda 4. Raiders Final result Hated 100 : 87 WorldClass
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    Tournament bracket 6v6

    You already know the teams and there is nothing else to prepare. Your mentality is already affected so I see no reason to make the brackets earlier than usual.
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    Accepted 6v6 GT war

    I totally agree with this! 6v6 is the most balanced and flexible option for GT, allowing more players to join the event from each guild (spliting a guild in 2 teams is not an option, let's be realistic) and introducing the opportunity to have a wider range and diversity of classes for each team...
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    3vs3 PvP Tournament

    Team: PisoiasiiVeseli Quadesh AImina mateipressed
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    "Dream Team I" - GT Special Event

    Dream Team Top 4 1. Hated 2. BlueForce 3. WorldClass 4. IMMORTALS Final Result Hated 100 : 95 BlueForce
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    Winter Guild Tournament - Low Category (30-59)

    [EC]BraduDinVale LittlePsycho - Lv59 APHELIOS - Lv55 CbV - Lv55
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    Forum Lottery (02.12 - 08.12)

    Name in game: Quadesh Numbers: 7 13 20 23 35 37
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    UP !
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    Sure pm me in game and we talk about it.
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    If you're willing to sell any of the following items please contact me in game: Quadesh or private message me on forum. I'm looking for: -Heaven's tear bracelet - 2k hp, 10hh, 15 magic resistance (also looking for 1,5k 10 15 10pierce) -Ebony earrings - 10hh, 15 sword, 10/15 2hand, 10/15 arrow...
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    UP !