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    Buffs Perma / More Metin Stones

    There is a reason why this is inexistent , 1 it is the required amount of lvl into a map u can just make a pvl 52 buffer and healer and done , no more wedding market , no more missions for buffer for beta earth dragon , deungsan peaks , and many so , if this is a thing to be balanced the buff...
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    Improve the Bonus : Imune against Slow

    it can be like immune against freeze <- that is the effect from war's charge skill and sword strike but , that freeze is to balance it's missing in PVP , i know that bonus is useless and it's not the only one , if we take it like this bell defence , fan defence , PM absorbtion , double yang...
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    WoM2: Odyssey - Merge Conditions

    If the ban was long time ago the account is most probably not merged...that makes it inexistent anymore so it won't be a problem at merge.
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    WoM2: Odyssey - Merge Conditions

    The fact that having 1 char lvl 60 is for everyone , most problem and the main thing is that this server is meant to bring new players closer to the level of veterans server is dying at high level and most because of rmt from low lvl who just stay there (yes and that's lvl 62 farming) i know not...
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    WoM2: Odyssey - Merge Conditions

    This is a speed server not such a map2 farm competition , the condition should have been lvl 90
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    Odyssey Miner Gemstone

    make an item to reduce CD , or add The gem in item shop
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    Metinspawnrates and 90er Map on Odyssey'"worthless.trash"
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    WoM2 Odyssey - Meme Contest

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    best shoes for lvl 105?
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    Some of my Stuff

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    The Art of Screenshots - "Summer Edition"

    Înoată Cheluțu!!! IGN:HajimeNagumo
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    Some of my Stuff

    Sell Cl5 Ruby ATK +AVG (or trade + diff for avg pierce) 38.000.000 Alraune's necklace +9 1.5k 10 20 exp 8.500.000 4 x Enigmatic ore 7.000.000 each Ice helmet of force +9 15 10 magic demi 6.000.000 Three emperors shield +9 stun 10 demi 6 str 8 agy 8 vit 9.000.000 IGN:HajimeNagumo or...
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    Balancing the market*
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    Forum Lottery - Summer Edition (01.07 - 08.07)

    IGN: HajimeNagumo Numbers: 9 17 18 23 27 31 +16
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    Temporary pets changes (POLL)

    Best change is no change.