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    Sell 250kkk yin 1kkk = 3€ via transferwise

    250kkk cash 1kkk=3€ Via transferwise Discord: ReignOver #2609
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    Sell OPVP ITEM LIST by Tasky

    I buy all for 536kkk pm me ign: xBeats
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    level cap for ghost and red wood

    You re right. They have deceit map which is finding stones so ez and drop is amazing + chance to drop lilac changers but they re still ruining the gameplay for everyone. 75 is just so complex. You have like just 3 maps to farm and there are 42 55 62 farmers everywhere what a joke
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    level cap for ghost and red wood

    check this moron who is calling me idiot because im farming 75 80 metin stones at level 75 xD (btw he is 55) there is even 42 farmers, farming metin stones right here instead of farming 45 50 55 60 65 stones. if i cant farm at beta maps at lv75, they should not allowed to farm in the both...
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    Pet statüsü hakkında yardım

    Daha fazla icirmene gerek yok. Ama bu chari yuksek levellara kasacaksan yaptigin yanlis her zaman 10 attack 8 defans gitmelisin
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    Forum Lottery - Summer Edition (01.07 - 08.07)

    Name ign: ReignOver 3 8 17 22 12 6 + 13
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    Poison sword +9 : %51 avg 6 devil 3 demi 6 cd = 16kkk Glacial Necklace +9 : 1000 15 Sword 15 Dagger 6 arrow = 7,5kkk Glacial Bracelet +9 : 1000 15 magic 10 Demi Three Emperor's Shield +9 : stun 10 Demi 6 STR 6 AGI = 9kkk Ruby Earrings +9 : 5 demi 15 Arrow 10 Two-Hand 10 Sword = 2,5kkk...
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    Karakterin bonuslarını görme?

    bu sistem wom2 de yok. suggestions bölümüne konu açıp gmlerden geri dönüş bekleyebilirsin
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    PVM Poison sword avg 50+

    Pm ingame: ReignOver :D
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    Kritik, delici ve markalar hk.

    E.tanri markalari oyundan kaldırıldı. Kritik delici isabetleri event donemlerinde gelen"firework seller" npcsinden yang karşılığı aliyorsun ve bagjanamu sandigindan çıkıyor Pazarlardan elde edebilirsin isabetleri 45 levelken 315 attack pet p hava p berserk ve saglam pvm itemleriyle...
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    There was a turkish guy "Menderes" his shop was full of changers 7kkk each silver keys for 250kk and stuff like that. Guess what? He was selling those stuff very rare but he was. I know another turkish guy bought a changer from his shop for 7kkk they fought and discussed a lot about it in game...
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    There is no ignitor. im clearing room and monsters are spawning again but ignitor isnt @Steven
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    About poll

    Chill dude i told my old friends about horse update. they re hyped af and downloading the game back. 2k+ online and massive pvp action coming soon