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    Just as a sidenote, Paypal and credit card /debit are available via xsolla If the page isn't opening disable adblock / use a different browser
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    Draga jucator, poti reintra relogandu-te pe acelasi CH si vorbind cu NPC-ul corespunzator dungeonului.
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    Cyber Monday

    Dragi Jucatori, Ca urmare a reducerilor favorabile din timpul Black Friday urmeaza Cyber Monday! Incepand de pe 1 Decembrie la 23:59 PM CET pana pe 2 Decembrie la 23:59 PM CET (Luni toata ziua) orice tranzactie cu monede dragon va fi rasplatita cu +20% Bonus MD ! Cu acest eveniment va oferim...
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    Salut, contacteaza un GM in joc
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    Season 3 Pre-Announcement #1 Discussion Thread

    No matter what changes / statements we make you are the type of guy who will never be satisfied if things do not go his way. If somehow what you are saying here was done, the very first duel you will lose due to some other reason you will want something else changed, then something else and so...
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    Season 3 Pre-Announcement #1 Discussion Thread

    Exactly, and that was it. The value of something that ALREADY EXISTED was increased, no other bonuses were added / removed which is what's going to happen with the new set of alchemy for WoM3.
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    Buying List

    Please delete your previous bumping posts when you rebump in order to avoid spam.
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    Raportare Staff - [GM]Pistone

    Banurile nu se discuta pe forum / reporturile nu se fac pe forum. Il poti contacta pe Akitas aici: [email protected]
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    Shogun II poti urmari activitatea dand click pe linkul de mai sus.
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    Error while connecting the server..

    Contact us here: [email protected] / PM a GM with the account's ID.
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    Valentine's Day 2019 Discussion Thread

    @PACI he's trying to hit on your girl bruh
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    It's being worked on.
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    Revert upgrade changes for 70level items before shops die

    I will leave that here.
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    Actualizare 18.0

    Dragi jucatori, v18.0 a sosit in cele din urma! Urmatoarea versiune este un update urias care va completa si finaliza continutul sezonului 2. Gata cu introducerea, sa trecem la ceea ce e cu adevarat important! Pietrele haosului Colectionati "Fragmentele haosului" distrugand pietre metin...
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    toxic kid swearing on wisper mode

    Dear player, if you have anything to report please do it here: [email protected] P.S the screenshot's resolution is too low. Regards,