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    Champions League final - forum event summer 2017.

    In-game name: ra Server:Sol First bet. Half-time result: Real Madrid 0 - 0 Juventus Full-time result: Real Madrid 0 - 2 Juventus Second bet. Full-time result: Real Madrid 0 - 0 Juventus First goalscorer: /
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    Ore for Nemere Items

    I make Frozen Sapphire, but can not put in glacial item... :( btw. now jinno have Frozen sapphire alchemist SINDIKAT
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    Ore for Nemere Items

    ok ty, but If you plan to work on changing for nemere, do it fast because of the people who work runs now - not be damaged later.. i think the prize from box: large heat core is useless...
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    Ore for Nemere Items

    Does anyone know which "Ore" is used for Nemere accessories - glacial necklace and ice earrings?
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    Suggestion for alchemy

    --- I have a proposal, when I make a super class legendary dragon and i dont like it becouse bad bonus, make chance to mix 2x super class (with bad bonus) and give a 1x super class with other bouns.. its not be bad if we can combain all type of super class (ruby, jade, diamond.. ), and one well...
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    Guild Tournament

    SINDIKAT 1. ra 2. Memnon 3. Hero3 4. Zmaj 5. Alhambra 6. Strahor replacements: 1. Nikolica 2. perverznjak 3. beIayboy 4. BadOne 5. Aleksandar 6. Madd Good lucky everyone!!!
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    February 13th, 2016 - Major game update

    Why you dont do this after guild tournament ?
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    Guild Tournament!

    Guild leader: 1. Memnon 105lvl 2. Hero3 105lvl 3. Strahor 103lvl 4. Alhambra 105lvl 5. ra 105lvl 6. perverznjak 103 replacements: 1. BadOne 103 2. Nikolica 104 3. Zmaj 103 ;)
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    National War

    I have a few suggestions for NW in game first: Why is one death count 3 pts, and for win need 100pts. and then nw finish so fast. I think it needs to be changed. maybe 300pts for win or smothing like that. second: you can make two NW. one for lvl 50 - 90lvl - prize for this...
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    National war recommendations

    No one say its perfect suggestion....and it is opinion and we can debate if Think say developer can make this change in NW. * yes 15-30 day of ban if someone use character to ruin NW (player who take a part of NW in last year and more know what zajeban say) * better 60 vs 89 then 60 vs 105 its...