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    Buy sura items farmer !

    Buy poison +9 avg 45+ Horned helm +9 20devils hp regeneration 30 Black Magic Armor +9 2k hp 10abs hp +attack Phoenix shoes +9 2khp 10crit Shield 61lvl +9 Stun +12int + 20devils Soul crystal bracelet +9 1.5-2k hp 20devils and abs hp 5 or 10% Sce +9 20devils Htn+9 1.5-2k hp +10crit +hp...
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    Cannabis guild

    The best guild ever :) GOOD JOB SANDWICH :) (By:VeliSide)
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    Merge Discussion Thread

    server will be opened today ?
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    ERROR 12002

    I reinstal too the same shit
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    ERROR 12002

    guys I want to play -_-
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    ERROR 12002

    and me...
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    v16.0 Update Plan - Discussion

    Upgrade is good but everything in one ? I think is very bad...
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    v13.0 - Discussion

    when the Easter Event Start?
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    Earth dragon

    For what lvl is that misione ??
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    Earth dragon

    Someone can tell me how can I go Earth dragon run from where I can go what I need tiket or something ? Pls guys help me :( and what bonus I need for him
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    WoM2 Livestreams on twitch

    Hello swetty :D I By:DarkAngel99 :P
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    DT floor 7

    Sure that work remove his names only on items names and hit damage remove :) and you can enjoy :D
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    I USE 52 SOULS FOR BLADE P.... So don't tell me 34 or 36.....
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    Soul Stones

    Soul stones drop rate is bigger from bosses and from metins 90lvl + lower lvl metins drop is shit :D
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    v8.0 Update Discussion Thread

    297/300eggs -_-