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    Accepted Treasure maps

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    Delete pack/effect and patch again.
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    "Elec" resistance

    Yes, it is.
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    Error during torrent update

    How to solve issue with pack/npc: 1. Close your game client and go to the main game folder, you need to find folder named 'pack' then find the file 'npc' and remove it. 2. Download it. 3. Last step is to put that downloaded file in the correct place, which is: WoM2 -> Pack -> put it here
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    Heaven's Lair Drops

    I can only confirm what Lukk's said.
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    New Server

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    ninja fatal strike situation

    Instead of focusing on the topic, you prefer to talk about your IQ, let me close this thread.
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    A wild wiki appeared!

    WoM2 Wiki has been updated! And what exactly? Most changes from the first and second season, like gear progression, bio missions, dungeons and two most important things: Lost King's Treasure Maps: Treasure Hunt | WoM2 Wiki | Free encyclopedia Chaos Metins + New Items: Chaos Metins | WoM2 Wiki |...
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    Glacial Necklace / Bracelet / Helmet Level 90

    Rejected. We will take a look at the end-game items but changing the level requirement is not an option.
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    Shop by ScuzeMan

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    Earth Dragon Invincible.

    "Bug" is when Earth Dragon regenerates hp in 0,1 sec, I said it's rare thing because it happened only once. You said you have a bug with dragon regeneration but when I came to check it everything was fine with it. You were using 7 rings + no poly marbles at all.
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    Info exp 75-90

    There is no "Strong against..." vs. Aqua but you can use Lightning res.
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    I sell poison damage average 45% 10 criticism

    You have 24 hours to translate everything into English.
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    Sprzedam stalke dla woja +9

    You have 24 hours to translate everything into English.