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    PvP Tournaments - Discussion thread

    Hello, After 37 duels, 211 Rounds and 3 hours of fights, the first edition of 2vs2 PvP Tournament is over! Thank you very much for participating in the tournament and I hope I will see you again in the 1vs1 edition (next month). It's time to sum up the previous day. 1) Point system changes I...
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    2vs2 PvP Tournament

    Play-Off Wickedness (Dagger) & AIexandra (Light) 5 0 xCranky (BM) & xKatie (Dragon) BoyNextDoor (BM) & iBoyNextDoor (Dagger) 1 4 mateipressed (Dagger) & AleYu (Light) Semi-Final Quadesh (BM) & TicoV6Turbo (Body) 6 3 mateipressed (Dagger) & AleYu (Light) AlzackConnell (Archer)...
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    2vs2 PvP Tournament

    Group A Place Players Wins Lost Rounds+ Rounds- Points 1. Quadesh (BM) & TicoV6Turbo (Body) 5 0 23 2 13 2. Wickedness (Dagger) & AIexandra (Light) 4 1 14 11 9 3. mateipressed (Dagger) & AleYu (Light) 2 3 15 10 9 4. Txsky (Dagger) & Edithe (Light) 3 2 14 11...
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    2vs2 PvP Tournament

    0. Check-In Phase 28.11 at 18:00 - 19:10 CET During check-in phase you have to contact [SGM]Steven and confirm that your team is ready. 1. Group Stage (19:15+) (5 Rounds) Group A Group B Yoichi (Body) & iPachol (Light) iPitzi (Archer) & VineTrenu (Mental) Txsky (Dagger) & Edithe...
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    Aktualizacja v21.2

    Sklepy Prywatne Wprowadzono ograniczenie liczby sklepów, które może pomieścić kanał gry. Nie można otwierać sklepów na kanale, który osiągnął limit. Podczas rozruchu serwera każdy sklep, który nie może pojawić się na kanale, zostanie przeniesiony na następny dostępny kanał gry. Przedmioty...
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    Race of the Dragon God - Naaga

    Leaderboards Name Time Sebicuu & Determined 6m 56s Aubury & Espeon 6m 58s Dewi & Choby 7m 14s xCristu & iRhaegal 7m 33s WildCut & RoKK003 8m 14s SqUiRr3L & xPos3ydoN 8m 17s nagabrothere & NaggaMage 10m 11s Thank you for participating! Rewards has been sent to your "Mall...
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    "Dream Team III" - GT Special Event

    1st Place @PARS 2nd Place @Spade 3rd Place @Allys In case of any doubts (or suspicions), please write to me in a private message. The prizes will be send within 24 hours. Top 5 Warrior: Yoichi - 27/30 points xMoveeOutMaWay & VineTrenu - 20p. Blayn666 - 17p. Top 5 Sura: Quadesh -...
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    Autumn Guild Tournament Registrations 105-110

    MVP of the Tournament Quadesh TOP 3 - K/D Ratio 1. Quadesh - 85.00 2. BoyNextDoor - 59.00 3. ache - 25.00 TOP 3 - Total Kills 1. Txsky - 89 Kills 2. Quadesh - 85 Kills 3. Luna - 77 Kills TOP 3 - Survivors 1. Quadesh - 1 Death 2. BoyNextDoor - 1 Death 3. ache - 3 Deaths TOP 3 - Most Kills in...
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    "Dream Team III" - GT Special Event

    List of guilds: Hated Gospoda Hat3d WorldCazan In case if you don't see pictures with players: Discussion thread. Enjoy!
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    "Dream Team III" - GT Special Event

    WARRIOR Mental Body NINJA Dagger Archer
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    "Dream Team III" - GT Special Event

    Hello everybody and welcome to the third edition of "Dream Team" Event! The Guild Tournament is approaching and I know you're all betting already on your favorites. Why not earning something out of your predictions? You have 3 things to do: Build your dream team. Use 6 players with 6 different...
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    Warrior and sura

    Once again, we are not planning any balancing update any time soon. Moved to General Discussion.
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    Kings Event

    Hey, the "kings" event was suggested here, on forum two times, and I asked both players (they can confirm if they are here) "What is this?", from what they said, it's a PvP event, so I did. I believe the participants had a good time and I got such opinions in private messages as well. I tried...
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    Race of the Dragon God - Discussion Thread

    Hello, I think you misunderstood this event. It's not the race for the best time ever on the server, but the contest for the best time during this event. If you want, you can use Grilled Shiri, full party of attackers, buff before the dungeon and finish the run in 2 minutes without this contest...
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    Race of the Dragon God - Naaga

    Hello, Fighters from all the continents, it's time for the Race of the Dragon God. Every month, a different dungeon will be opened for a race. The fastest group/player that finishes the dungeon will be rewarded! This month, Naaga will be the one that opens its gates. Next month it's for you to...