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    Removing purple potion

    just introduce Auto G and Auto L Potion like Blue and Red ones :joy:
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    ye that would be fun, make the same dungeon, but when u enter at the Guard/or NPC Choose:# Normal( like always) Medium ( less time, Harder Monster, you will need some Ress VS XX and STR vs XX) get 1.5x the Reward ( or just more Boxes) Hard ( less time, Harder Monster, you will need some Ress VS...
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    Info about pets' speed

    Leopard and Lion are nearly the same on a Distance which takes my Lion with 200 Speedcap 10 seconds the Leopard will do the same distance in 10.5 i guess u can say they have nearly the same speed.
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    Alchemy help

    sell all and buy finished ruby one, the chance to get them to legendary is very low, and if u upgrade them to cl4 cl5 the chance to succed and get the right bonus is very hard
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    7th floor demon tower

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    Game Freezes everytime i teleport or enter portal or change channel

    but i think the error is caused by something they changed or reworked themselve, because in no other Metin2 Server i have played that happend so often or at all. i tired already some stuff like does it happen more often while i move, have a buff, have a mount, have liquids or potions activated...
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    Game Freezes everytime i teleport or enter portal or change channel

    i have no idea about C++ but i think Paci said something on lost packets from network which cause this error to happen, but im not sure since it happens for me for example in Nemere way more often than anywhere else. And im not sure if my packets gets dropped or lost most the time in nemere xD
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    World and heaven shield

    from the level 90 daily repeatable quest, u can get 1 box each 24hrs and you need some luck nothing more to farm
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    Super class ruby comparison

    but i think if your base dmg goes higher crit power boost will be better scaling than ATK Value ( atleast in pvm)
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    Chance to deal +% melee damage and absorb it as HP...

    Maybe only rename the Bonus. "Chance to restore X% HP from your ATK Value while attacking" That Bonus is hard to describe correct. In short form
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    Pierce Ress % Bugged?

    So that would mean that i get no dmg anymore due the reason i have more pierce ress than they have pierce. So no pierces are happening. I thought like some other too they reduce the dmg and not the canche itself i guess the same is for crit ress?
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    Pierce Ress % Bugged?

    if i wear a armour with 12% pierce ress the Monster do way less DMG than 12%. i need to test it further but if i get 700 DMG pierced and use 12% pierce ress i should get arround 616 but i get way less DMG. i mean i like it but maybe its wrong?
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    Accepted Metin of Heaven in HL1

    the only Problem are the Archers and Clerics which can do very high pierce dmg even if u have good light ress. You would need pierce ress % there but there are not many thing exept alchemy u can use with lv 75
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    Ice Metins in Nemere's Depths are broken.

    i noticed it only with dark strike and spirit entangle, they even fail to do dmg when no mobs are in range. it happens really often
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    In-game announcements about shops on CH 1, 2 and 3 / shop limit

    it would already very cool if i search an item on ch1 that in the chat would a info about 1 items is ch1 2 items are in ch2 and 1 item is in ch3 then i go and search. But it is stupid if i search an item+9 with 3 kind of Bonus select everything in ch1 go ch2 select everything, go ch3 and...