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    Wom2 Ideas

    3. Only write one suggestion per thread More than one suggestion in a single thread makes discussion difficult and sorting through them harder for us. It also hinders the usefulness of the search. So don't do it. moved to general discussion.
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    Does Group member affect loot?

    Drops are affected by attacker(s)' drop rate. Having an idle group member won't change drops.
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    Skills don't hit BUG

    Hello, we are still working to make things better and fix bugs/abuses. Charge indeed should feel better than the first time this was implemented. Your problem might be from lag or desync. Players can't spam autopots anymore because it has cooldown.
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    Aurora v22.0 Güncellemesi

    Merhaba, dün akşamki bakım ile: Baroness zindanından sonra örümcek zindanı 3 e ışınlanma noktası düzeltildi. Inaktif Loncalar kaldırıldı.. Aşağıdaki haritalardaki metin sayıları arttırıldı. Sohan Dağı Doyyumhwan Hayalet Orman Kızıl Orman Beta Haritaları Düzenbaz Orman 65 seviye ve üstü metin...
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    Solved Missing bonus changer+

    Contact to me ingame, [SGM]VengefuL .
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    I dont have items from IS

    There may be delays sometimes, they should come after 10-15 minutes.
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    A new server

    "Past experiences have taught us that, sooner or later, a junction of our servers is going to be necessary.. Our most recent experiment with the WoM3 project brought us a rather hard backslash in our legacy due to its no-merge-policy, and we do not intend to let that happen again."...
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    We are aware of meadows and cape dragon, they will be fixed.
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    Valentine event

    If you have a lot of chocolates, it is time to hunt event monsters to drop roses to craft bear of love.
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    Sevgililer Günü Etkinliği 2021

    Sevgililer günü 12 şubat TSİ 20:00'da başlayıp 16 şubat TSİ 20:00'da bitecek. Yıllardan sonra krallık köylerindeki ilk sevgililer günü teması olacak. Aşkı ve savaşı yaymaya hazırlanın! Krallık köylerinde Sevgililer Günü temasına uygun görünümler eklendi. Acaba hangi köy en güzel gözüküyor...
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    Is something wrong with 90 lv chaos stone?

    We haven't changed 85-90 level metin / chaos content in 1.5 months. But indeed since the last update ghost/red forest monsters deal slightly more damage and harder to kill, for an attempt to prevent players farming with 42-55 level characters.
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    Very usefull suggestion, FLAG next to the name

    Replies should be related to suggestion. Keep your 1v1 conversations in private please.
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    Aurora v22.0 Güncellemesi

    Hanedanlıklar / Krallıklar Shinsoo, Chunjo ve Jinno krallıkları geri eklendi. Krallıkların köyleri geri eklendi. Bojon ve Jeongbog Hanedanlığı kaldırıldı. Bojon oyuncuları ve pazarları Shinsoo krallığına, Jeongbog oyuncuları ve pazarları Chunjo krallığına taşındı.* Krallık köylerine bağlı...
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    Daily Login Bonus System - after Merge?

    One suggestion per thread. It is moved to general discussion. To answer some of the questions. Offline time from activities will be gone from Aurora soon. It will be same as Odyssey. I don't think increasing required kills for Daily login is a good idea. Eventually it will take so much time and...
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    Hello, it is fixed already, will be live with next update. Reminder: This is a bug and abusing this to gain any profit (such as Dojang) will result in ban and the skin may be removed.