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    XL Potions

    Because we're peasents and wom3 is nobility (joking)
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    Sell Sell 4kk Yin

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    v18.3 - v18.7 Discussion Thread

    Well, there goes my chaos farm spot. Also, the citadel was really cool, yes it had some inconveniences but was really well done, I hope it can be used in the future for events. I'm also happy for this change as the storyline makes more sense/ there are more players and market in one spot and...
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    Buy Want to buy Yin

    Does Jenny sell yin?
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    Unban everyone

    Yeah take out all the SHITTY rules Anarchy forever #anarchy4eva
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    Unban everyone

    This is totally true, this post doesn't make sense. They knew it was forbidden and gone against the rules.
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    Sell Sell 4kk Yin

    I like to talk about prices in private
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    Never happened to me in 4 years , only when the server backups (##:00- ##:03)
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    Looking for Guild

    Looking for high lvl guild (pvm)
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    Sell Sell 4kk Yin

    I sell 4kk Yin (4kkk Yang). You pay the fee.
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    My suggestion how to make server alive and better for new&old players (PLEASE READ)

    Just here because u said please but its too long man, mad respect tho, here u have a free bump
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    Guildsystem 2.0

    Om wom4 pls
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    World at War

    I mean, you could announce that rmt was legal then clean the server
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    [GUILD PT] Quatro

    O link do Discord está nas mensagens da guild.