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    Poszukuje aktywnej gildii

    Zależy która dynastia
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    Emerald or Sapphire Earrings?

    Guys, can you tell me which earrings are better for ninja to pvp and why? EE has skill dmg and agility, but on the other hand SE has resistance to skill and avg damage. I could buy both. One with sword and 2hand, the other one with dagger and arrows. One of them could be against warrior, the...
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    suggestion for dt

    And fake maps too. Team already accept that sugesstion, now we have to wait to be implemented.
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    Help out a new player - open discussion and opinions very welcome

    Thief's glove (2h) - unremovable has 4x drop rate Thief's glove (3h) - removable has 3x drop rate It depends on what you need right now. Sometimes one is better, sometimes the other
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    Help out a new player - open discussion and opinions very welcome

    There are two dynasties, but there is only one map1 for everyone. It really depends on where you are from. The red dynasty is most of romanians, but i am playing there with about 20 people from my country. The green is most of others, but there is also a lot of romanians. It is balanced i...
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    Emerald Earrings +9

    Emerald Earrings +9 Clean or 15sw/10-15 2hand/10dh
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    Azrael Run

    Thats really awkard that my ninja 90 deals 1,4k damage into the door withour crit on horse, while my body warrior 75 deals above 3k without crit on pet with 257 dmg, aura m8. How is it possible to run azrael properly with different class than warrior?
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    [VIDEOGUIDE] Spider's Queen Nest - ENGLISH

    Yes, but you have to kill baroness with your char with lower lvl
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    empty baskets

    Go to shabby pedestrian and drop baskets at him. He will delete it
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    HTN +9 1,5k/10 sword/15 2hand/10crit

    Waiting for offers
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    Rank Points

    But difference between you and opponent has to be +/- 9 levels
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    [VIDEOGUIDE] Spider's Queen Nest - ENGLISH

    IMO its not worthy. You should do it only if you have to finish player guidelines
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    Server on later?

    Yes, but there is no ETA