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    Wom3 lets discuss

    bro, Shogun writed it.. did u read it or what? Characteristics of the game that would have been impossible to change on a live, running server without creating a major disruption to the players such as, for example, the excessive stacking of skill resistances, or the existence of the vouchers...
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    Wom3 lets discuss

    i just read the first page of this discussion just to know what does community thinks about this. the thing is not the new server.. the thing is that AURORA will become a beta server and it WILL BE MORE EASY ! more easy than now with season2 (ARE YOU SERIOUS) aka: no point to play it anymore...
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    Wedding ring bug

    probably ur wife don't want you anymore :joy::joy::joy:
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    WoM2 survey

    done !
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    Problem of Freeze

    just happened to me 2 times in kinda 10 min...
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    Useful tips for new users

    instead of force all player to stay ch1 i suggest to divide the shops between ch1 and ch2, like an half and an half
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    Problem of Freeze

    what do you mean?
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    Accepted Treasure maps

    what are they needed for ?
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    Sell / Trade [Help me with prices]

    Hi guys can you please tell me how much are those items? i would like to trade them for pvm ones. i would like to trade with hp+50 ad (maybe) i would like to trade with 10 abs hp+ 10 pierce i would like to trade with hp+10 crit + 8 stun can you please...
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    Phoenix Shoes +9

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    General suggestions

    this is pretty much true too, i didnt think to this yet
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    Crash in game

    y i already do it but as i say it's not a client crash but more like as u said a global knock out. yeah im gonna to write the times when this happens and i will see thanks bro
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    Crash in game

    what does it means 'above' and [[but as above .. at a clocktime as above ]] i dont get this. btw can u tell me the exactly time that the server do this? so i can plan my dt run... and other dungeon ofc... because im a very patient guy and in dt there is no price for enter but i can imagine for...
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    General suggestions

    i forgot to tell you: me, as like as tharoux, and maybe as like as you, we play in this server because it's an old style.! even more old than the official !!! because we are oldschool player (i played in the officiale 8-9 years ago as u can see in my youtube channel) and we want play THAT KIND...