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6kkk Yang for level 90 Suraequip

Hello guys,
I´m nearly Level 90 and i want to ask if 6kkk Yang is enough to make a lv l90 metins farmer.
I am a Sura. Should i first Focus on EarthDef or how should i start?
I have no clue what to buy first.
Should i Change to drop equip bevor ekilling the metin?


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I personally have Earth + Ice [Mainly because of the World Shield] and I can say that you can do those with no problem. Calamities are easy, and u can farm there when it's not busy, or you can farm Ice metins [which rarely someone farms] if the Thunder Mnts are full.


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I don't know if it's just me, but it seems that calamities are a little bit more prone to drop more stuff that you can sell (like weapons, armous), so it could be a little more profitable to farm there. But overall you can make nice money everywhere if you move relatively fast ^^ (finding, breaking metins and selling stuff from the buffer as you go on).