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Accepted 6v6 GT war

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Hi, i would like to re-open this subject which was pretty debated before the last Guild Tournament. At that time you said that it was too late to change the rules, even if the majority wanted to change it. Basically what I want to suggest is that the next GT to be a 6 v 6 war. Main reason for that is the easier balance of a war and the possibility for more guild members to join. Here it's the last thread about this suggestion

Also i would like to suggest to remove the pushes restrictions for then next gt, since the Dragon God Attack/Life and Grilled Gold Crucian were removed .


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I totally agree with this! 6v6 is the most balanced and flexible option for GT, allowing more players to join the event from each guild (spliting a guild in 2 teams is not an option, let's be realistic) and introducing the opportunity to have a wider range and diversity of classes for each team, compared to 5v5 which has a fixed composition. The number of players who are constantly playing on the server has nothing to do with the GT, considering that this event is organised 3/4 times a year and most of the hype is gathering around the lv110 category. Each top guild has at least 6 players ready to join the event. About the push restrictions, I believe this event should've always been on "no restrictions". Considering that Dragon God pushes and Gold Crucians (which were the most significant factor in "no restriction" mode) were removed, I see no reason not to organise the next GT's on "no restriction" mode.
I hope that the team will finally make their decisions based on our opinion!


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Aaa , i don't mind 6v6 , but the no restriction war is a nono imo.
Why adding pushes like lotus fish, tenchi, red instant potions that will for sure have a negative inpact on the resoults, or did we forget that the reason why gt is medium restriction is bcs of this pushes only , when on eclipse a guild with each player had around 400 lotus fishes ( rambo ) won bcs of them .
So i am in for 6 members but not for pushes, it will just breack the turnament again .


+1 for 6v6 because of balance. All guilds have 6 members anyways, so the 6th member can now actually play instead of being replacement.
-1 for removing push restriction, works fine as it is


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