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A new WOM server?

OldSchool WOM?

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This might be a little weird. But you guys opened so many WOM servers... And always closed them down..
What about you open a new WOM server? BUT THIS TIME DON'T CLOSE IT DOWN.
Make WOM like Metin2 in old times.. No such things as alchemy..
Even if not a lot of players will start.. (200-300) or You never know.. That would bring back so many players.
Please leave your suggestion here. Also Why you want it or not!


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I am a die hard lover of the hardcore pvm style when it comes to metin2 servers, but are they really suitable in those present times?
I guess yes, there's people like me, but how many? We'll probably be like 2k at the opening. 1k of those have no clue what they're getting themselves into and they will leave immediately, 500 of those will cry about how hard the server is and the last 500 will slowly quit because there are not enough players, hence you can't really have much PvP or do much business anymore.
IF it'll be the case for WoM to EVER open a new server, it'll be pretty much a twin for this one, since the WoM3 experiment massively backfired and the old hardcore style of WoM2 was often criticized by a lot of folks.


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