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Ajust few itens


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this server its at least until high level pretty balanced on droping itens etc
but when you try to make almost the last itens like aqua or rune
few itens have high demand and very low droping

Demonic ashes - 400-500kk each we need 2x 22/11/2020 4 stores have that for sale around 600kk each rise % of drop rate
Amethyst engraving knife have high demand for tickets and for itens but drop its pretty low each 20kk rise % of drop rate

on other hand azrael drops are out of control
Time Elixir (L) have huge drop rate compared to Time Elixir (M) while i drop for exemple 4 L and 1 M low drop rate of L and keep the M at same
bonus adder is out of control low demand and high drop rate low % drop rate
Dragon bracelet have huge impact in pvp and pvm but its high drop item with low demand low the drop rate like tiger earrings

now this is my opinion since i do only azrael full day
we drop 8x coffer but few have liquids that we dont need normaly since people that do full day runs are high levels that can drop the items to make liquids easy
so my suggest is
removing for exemple the liquids and removing 2x coffer from azrael
or make like old time droping on floor and no coffers


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Every coffer needs to have crap drop
And tbh azrael is pretty good right now as firms are raising in price