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Autumn Guild Tournament Registrations 105-110

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In this thread you can register for the Guild Tournament !
You can find the rules and details about the tournament in this thread.

In order for your application to be valid, it must contain:
-Name of the Guild:
-Maximum of 5 ( or 6 if 6v6 ) player names that will be participating containing the LvL of the players as well.
-Name of replacements to use in case some players are unable to join and their levels (max 5 (or 6 if 6v6) replacements but can be less)
- You have to use forum's text for the registration, not images.

- The thread will open when it's decided if it's 5v5 or 6v6, on 9th Monday.

Have Fun,
The WoM Team


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Registrations are closed. In this thread will appear the bracket Sunday morning and any other information we will have to share in meantime.

Leaders, once again, make sure you have minimum 8 members in the guild you will use to declare war, make sure if you are not the leader of the guild, the real leader will be online to declare or accept war declarations and make sure your entire team is aware of ALL the rules of the tournament.


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Hello everybody,

You have above the bracket of today's Guild Tournament and we will start the actual fights with 18:00 CET ( 19:00 RO time ).

I want you to have in mind the following:
  • Make sure your team knows all the rules
  • The leader of the guild ( who is managing the group who will fight ) will have to PM me at [GA]Argus in-game between 17:45 17:55 to announce if his team is ready or not for the fights.
See you later.


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Congratulations to everybody who participated in the Autumn Guild Tournament and especially Hated for winning the event.

1st place - Hated
2nd place - Hat3d
3rd place - Gospoda
4th place - WorldCazan

1st place - 1x Fierce Garnet Costume, 20x Cor Draconis (Legendary), 6x Time Elixir (L)
2nd place - 15x Cor Draconis (Legendary), 50x Bonus Changer, 6x Time Elixir (L)
3rd place - 10x Cor Draconis (Legendary), 40x Bonus Changer, 6x Time Elixir (L)
4th place - 8x Cor Draconis (Legendary), 30x Bonus Changer, 6x Time Elixir (L)

Note: Due to the lack of participants we can't offer better rewards but we hope for the next tournament to have more participants to give better rewards.
Note2: The rewards will be sent in the next hours to everybody.
Note3: Statistics will be posted later as well.


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MVP of the Tournament

TOP 3 - K/D Ratio
1. Quadesh - 85.00
2. BoyNextDoor - 59.00
3. ache - 25.00

TOP 3 - Total Kills
1. Txsky - 89 Kills
2. Quadesh - 85 Kills
3. Luna - 77 Kills

TOP 3 - Survivors
1. Quadesh - 1 Death
2. BoyNextDoor - 1 Death
3. ache - 3 Deaths

TOP 3 - Most Kills in a Single War
1. Quadesh - 31 Kills (vs. Gospoda)
2. Yoichi - 28 Kills (vs. WorldCazan)
3. Txsky - 27 Kills (vs. WorldCazan)

TOP 3 - Average Kills
1. Quadesh - 28.33 Kills/War
2. Txsky - 22.25 Kills/War
3. iPitzi - 22.00 Kills/War

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