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BvS’s Buying List

I’m looking for the next items

Aqua plate armour (OPvP bonus)
Aqua plate armour (2k hp 15 defence 20 cd)

Dragon claw blade+9 crap or good

Glacial necklace oPvP bonus (hp+3-4defence or non Hp 15-15-10-10)

Ruby earring oPvP bonus

Ruby earring 10hh 15-15 sword,2hand

Ice helmet of hell (sura) 10hh 15magic or 10-15 and 20-30 hp regen

Cl5 ruby war+crit power
Cl5 ruby crit power+avg resis
Cl5 jade 2x HP
Cl5 onyx sura+crit
Cl5 onyx block+crit

Cl5 sapphire 18-12 (all)

Pay with DC or yang pm me here
man looks shops beta weapopn are more then 7,5--8 even 9 and claw blade +9 is very hard to find 1, if you change your mind pm in private but minim price is 7,5 or 7+ 400 dc
I can sell you one 10 demy 8 int 6 hp for 8kkk