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We have been getting stronger, recruiting and as of today we only accept people level 75+
Except if you are directly invited by a guild member who vouches for you.

Since December of 2018, some guilds have approached to us for alliances and merges. We are open for proposals.

We have already successfully merged with 2 of the most active level-like guilds in Bojon dynasty; making our ranks stronger!
More alliances are being discussed as of the moment.

We defeat Azrael as if he was the Death Reaper, so he is no challenge for us anymore!

We have people from different parts of the globe, therefore there is always 5 to 10 people connected on guild list.
With us you will never get bored :imp:

Now we are focusing on Aqua Dragon !
Join us if you want to do some Aqua runs and in the near future Earth runs!

See you in-game!


PS: feel free to join us at the official wom2 discord server, on the Cannabis guild channel !
Hmm, maybe I should join, Aqua Dragon :heart_eyes:


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well i can say this .. been with this guild 3-4 weeks now and my time zone differs a bit. but very active guild. leader is cool and there getting stronger in a short time like divines was at the old time +1 from me on this and is worth while to join check it out have some fun even if if is for few days or a week have a few of what ever you do in life .have fun .
Hi all. I am new here (at this server). I have played for over 11 years at official server. I am interesting to play with more people, i am tired to play alone.
Is is possible to join at Canabis guild?