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Christmas Event 2018

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Dear Players,

Holiday season is underway and there's no better way to warm you up this winter than with a brand new Christmas event and other festive activities in game and forum.
Christmas Event 2018
It consists of a couple of parts, and it'll run from December 17th 2018 until January 9th 2019.

So lets begin:
  • Untitled-1.pngChristmas Tree Ornamenting 1544709595462.png

    this part will be active twice during the holiday
    from December 17th until December 23rd 23:59CET 2018, and
    from January 1st until January 6th 23:59CET 2019

    Two Christmas Trees, one for each dynasty, will be placed in Mountain Sohan and will emit Christmas spirit through the world, enabling festive activities for you to partake of. However, to do so it needs energy, it needs to be filled with Christmas Spirit! The more Christmas Spirit your dynasty's tree has, the bigger it gets! It's time to compare who has the biggest ...tree in all of WoM! Players can farm Christmas Ornaments from all enemies (of course within their level range) and deliver them to the Christmas Tree. This will charge the tree with Christmas Spirit to emit and during very special Christmas Days, from December 24th until December 26th, and from January 7th until January 9th, players can return and collect special gifts. If you prove to be one of the most loyal helpers of your dynasty you have a chance to get a special costume set.

    Christmas Tree Spirit is measured at each hour and at different stages you'll unlock parts of the event which are:

    30% Christmas Spirit: Octavio's "Festive Baking" event
    60% Christmas Spirit: Festive Box drop
    80% Christmas Spirit: +30% EXP, Yang and drop bonus rates activation (checks for this part is every day at 20:00CET so in case you have no 80% on first day of the event, you have to wait next day until 20:00CET to be checked again and rates activated).

    Do note that these unlocks are per dynasty, and refreshed per hour. Give your best to provide your dynastys habitants the best possible Christmas this year!

  • christmas cookie normal.png Octavio's Festive Baking 1544709622367.png

    Once unlocked by Christmas Tree Spirit, boxes of "Stolen Baking Recipes" will drop from monsters that are within players level range. They contain one to four ingredients for Santa's favorite cookie recipe originally leaked by his scout elves and those are: Eggs, Sugar, Butter and Flour. Talk to Octavio to check how many of each ingredient you need to bake some cookies. Depending on your baking skills they can be made as Normal, Excellent and Burnt, but you may also fail if you leave them too much or too little in the oven. Octavio will help you but baking process itself requires your full attention! Once baked, Christmas Cookies will give you strength during winter time for a limited period of time.

  • xmas_spirit_box.png Festive Box drop 1544709583064.png

    At 60% Christmas Spirit a Festive Box drop is enabled. This festive box drop can be opened and it contains valuable presents for you. According to your participation and activity related to this whole event you have a chance to roll a very special pet seal from it! Can you rescue it from the cold clutches of winter and give it a warm hug on your journey onward?
Winter Lottery
To celebrate upcoming Winter season and all it's charms from 22nd 18:00 (CET) until 29th 18:00 (CET) December you have a chance to drop a special Lottery Tickets from monsters in game. We'll roll out 15 random numbers (as each ticket is numbered). Do note that you have to keep your Lottery Ticket in order to exchange it with a GM for your reward(s).​
The rewards are:​
- First 5 winners get 100 DC voucher
- And 6-15'th places get a special costume set
We will extract 15 random numbers using​
Winning numbers will be announced in-game, forum and our facebook page so you don't miss them.​
Even if you did not get any lucky tickets you could still sell your tickets for 100 yin at general store.​
Holiday Maps

citadel xmas2.png
Both Dynasty hometowns "dressed up" in a new good looking festive and snowy outfits!​
xmas map.png

Other activities and events during Holiday season:
Item Shop
  • from December 17th until January 9th 2019 - Find your favorite pet seal and special costume in our item shop as a special limited edition!
  • from 13th until 24th December Signature of the month - Decorate WoM's Special Ornament
  • from 17th until 24th December Forum event - find 7 randomly hidden cookies (you will get more information about this part in due time)
For discussion related to Christmas Event check - Christmas Event discussion thread
We hope you'll enjoy this event and have a lot of fun.​
We wish you Merry Christmas and may the Santa bring a lot of positive things, until the next Christmas!​
Best Wishes,​
The WoM2 Team.​
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During the maintenance, the following changes were applied:
- Christmas Blacksmith will no longer spawn in dungeons and their spawn chance has been reduced;
- Ornaments drop rate was slightly increased;
- Christmas spirit decay has been temporarily disabled.
Note: Actually, it wasn't active from the start of the event, even though players were being notified about spirits decreasing.


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since some players complained that they can't get any drop on characters below lvl20, minimum level to drop Stolen Baking Recipes or Festive Boxes is 20+ level, including level 20 as well. We are sorry if this information slipped before but it shouldn't make any big difference since you level up faster on these levels while farming and easily get above 20 to drop some of these juicy stuff. It's made to prevent abuse, giving hardworking players a chance to get more valuable rewards (such as possible costume and pet seal) as acknowledgement for their effort and contribution.
Today around 20:00 CET both Dynasties unlocked the 2nd phase of the event reaching 60% Dynasty festive spirit and unlocked the drop of Festive Boxes.

Enjoy and Good luck!


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Dear players,

Numbers for Winter Lottery were extracted with and those are the numbers, exactly in that order

1. 95311 - xLuca
2. 96348
3. 95639
4. 97994 - CristianRobert
5. 103944

6. 99311 - zPam
7. 106617
8. 103201
9. 106511
10. 95972
11. 95340
12. 95950
13. 99920 - BlackPearly
14. 103098
15. 101864

If you have one or more winner tickets in your posesion, you have to PM a GM in-game and tell him you have the number.
That GM will come to take your Ticket and give you the prize you won.

First 5 places will get 1x 100 DC Voucher
Places from 6 to 15 will get an Silver Avalon set ( Helmet + Costume )

Best Wishes,
The WoM2 Team
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Dear Players,

as promised, we present you the most loyal players of WoM Christmas 2018! ...whether they are Bojon or Jeongbog dynasty we got our Global TOP20 players who delivered the most ornaments helping Christmas Trees to grow from both event parts during Christmas time. With this, they earned their place on this list and appreciation rewards that are our Silver Avalon Costume & Helmet.

  1. Raziel
  2. Lendari
  3. Poxuu
  4. Beatydjo1
  5. F0ry0uM
  6. CiumaFarm
  7. Myhay77
  8. Whoaa
  9. Blayn666
  10. Axer
  11. Al3xFarm97
  12. JackieBoy29
  13. Himi
  14. Pinata
  15. naruto91
  16. AndrzejGolota
  17. KristallPerle
  18. History
  19. Seolhyun
  20. Babalina
You will find your reward in you Item Mall storage shortly. Sorry for a little delay but it's surely not forgotten!
Good job everyone!

The WoM Team.
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