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Christmas Event 2020

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You smell it, you feel it, you know what it is... It's the Christmas Spirit!

Santa has chosen us this year to help him spread gifts for everyone and so we did! During Christmas Season, monsters of all the Johwan Continent not only will drop presents, but will also leak some bigger and ferocious surprises!

Your task is simple: defeat them all and retrieve what is yours

General information
The event will last for 16 days and will start on 21th December 2020 at 12:00 CET and will end on 5th January 2021 at 12:00 CET.

Christmas Box
It's time to hunt evil monsters around the continent to help Santa recover the stolen boxes he prepared for the Christmas Evening. Hunt monsters, stones and bosses for a chance to find who stole the present.


Once you kill the correct monster the box will drop on the ground and you will have to click on it to recover its content.
You can receive Christmas Stockings and have a chance to either get some more rewards or to spawn an evil Christmas Blacksmith.

Santa and his Tombola
Santa decided to show himself to the believers in Johwa City. Find him in the city. He might be on the little Island close to the Teleporter.

He brought a Tombola mini-game for those who can recover some of the Christmas Stockings.
Drag the Stockings on Santa to receive Tombola Points and open the Tombola by talking with him. Cookies for everybody he said.

Note: The cookies will be removed from the game in January of 2021 so make sure you eat them all before that time.

Octavio's Christmas Cookie Craze

Octavio's Christmas Cookies are back! The best cook in the Johwan Continent is eager to prepare delicious sweets! But... His recipe has been stolen!
Retrieve Stolen Baking Recipes
from any monster and get enough ingredients to bake your own Christmas Cookies
, Octavio will make sure you have the rest you need!

Make use of our interactive minigame at Octavio! A trick for a successful bake is to hold the cursor over the baking button, but don't let it be for too long, or you might burn your cookies!

Extra loot from Metin Stones
You will be able to receive some extra reward while killing Metin Stones.
From level 20 to 35 (player's level)
  • Metin Stone(L)
  • Green Bonus Changer
  • Green Bonus Adder
  • Metin Stone Compass
  • Mystery Tome

From level 36 to 60 (player's level)
  • Metin Stone(N)
  • Lilac Bonus Changer
  • Lilac Bonus Adder
  • Metin Stone Compass
  • Soul Stone

From level 61 to 90 (player's level)
  • Metin Stone(H)
  • Bonus Changer
  • Bonus Adder
  • Metin Stone Compass
  • Soul Stone

From level 91 to 110 (player's level)
  • Metin Stone(H+)
  • Bonus Changer
  • Bonus Adder
  • Metin Stone Compass
  • Soul Stone


That's right guys, while the Christmas Event is active you will be able to gift random players in the game! It's just a part of the Christmas Spirit, if you gift others, you might receive a gift in exchange as well! And... it's fun!

You are free to get Fancy Gift
and Gift Bundle
from the Item Mall. Using them in the game, will deliver random gifts to any of the online players! But hold on a minute!
Being kind enough to the point of gifting several players in a row will save a reward for yourself!

Item Shop received brand new goodies
Check what is new for this Christmas in the proper category of the Item Mall.
Costumes, mounts, pets, you name it! Anything for anybody!

Meet the Mysterious Lady!
Every time in the same place, find her in town close to the Arena Battle Master and supply your stock with tasty liquids and make some fireworks for the new year.

Final notes
  • You need at least level 20 to participate in this event.
  • You can't drop anything if you are with more than 10 levels over your target (monster, stone, boss).
  • Bake all the cookies and spin the Tombola with all the points you have BEFORE 5th January 2021 12:00 CET or you will lose the opportunity to use them.
  • Remember, the Cookies from the Tombola will be removed in January 2021.

With love,
The WoM2 Team is wishing you a Happy Christmas!

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Hello everybody,

Some sad news about the Christmas Event for both servers.

We encountered some issues with some items of the event and we will have to postpone the event until tomorrow 21th Dec 2020 at 12:00 CET.

We will run a maintenance this night to fix the current issues.

We are sorry for the delay and we are working our best to have it fixed until tomorrow morning.

With regards,
The WoM team.


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Hello guys,

Based on your feedback for the Christmas Gifts (Fancy Gift and Gift Bundle), we decided to remove them from ItemShop.
We're sorry for the lag caused and we hope everything will be alright now.

Best regards,
The WoM team.


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Hello everybody,

Don't forget, tomorrow at 12:00 CET the event will be over and you will not be able to use the Tombola, you will not be able to bake cookies anymore and you will not find the Purple Lady anymore.
Take your time NOW to enjoy the tombola, the baking process and the pushes from the purple lady.

We will not extend the time for those who will not be in-time.

Best regards
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