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Christmas Event discussion thread

Sounds pretty good to me! All I'm hoping is that we'll have some new costumes sets, I'm tired of those "fat man like" or robes old costumes which have been around since forever xD
And other thing, the tree % percentage will be displayed when entering the game? Like in the case of EXP / Yang etc.
the event sound sick! i only hope there will be new costumes and that new seal will be cool! also, it would be cool to have the gift bundles too, a lot of players enjoy them and they are good for the players with money, cuz they open them to get a rare costume or something :D
New on, forum, nice to meet you all guys. ;). What i love about this event is that it gives everyone the chance to make good yin in game, items,exp without braking the balance, because you have to work for them XD. Any way looking forward to see what the Game Team is giving us this Christmas. :D


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the post says,that the event is from 17th december 9th January. but the main part is allways just 1 week. i dont understand wich part of the event is from16 to 9th ? just the map or more ?