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Easter Event 2020

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Dear players, Easter season has been stolen from us. We and the White Rabbit had come into terms to bring yet another session of Eggstravagant and Eggstreme Eggs clashing - c'mon don't ruin the joke -, but our supplies have been robbed!

Unfortunately, this year, we won't have it, but we should sort this situation out and get the best of it. We know who the culprits are, but we must find them!

Go after the delinquents, the Evil Rabbits! They are sneaky and coward, despite their intimidating aspect.

Not only did they steal our Eggs; your Eggs; but they also ran off with many other goodies we must recover. According to the intel of the White Rabbit, there is a slight chance you can befriend some of them and become partners.
I'm not going to lie, that would come super handy to know the whereabouts of the rest of the group!

Got the Eggs! Now, what to do? You decide!
Keep in mind the mission was to help the White Rabbit to collect them all - but, in part, they still are yours technically aren't they?

Deliver the eggs you have found in exchange of Easter Points. These points will allow you to play and the White Rabbit's Easter Tombola and feed yourself off with some gambling. May luck be with you! - or not!

But in case you don't feel like it's your lucky day, you should consider to consume them yourself. Of course, not all of them may be tasty - who knows what did the Evil Rabbits do with them -, but those that are may grant you a temporary buff for your battles. It's random though, one does not for sure what to expect.

Information regarding the release of the event will come in the next days.

Kind regards,
The WoM Team.
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Easter Eggs
There are 10 colored Easter Eggs in the whole event. They can be traded in the White Rabbit for Easter Points, which allow the player to spin the Tombola ingame.
Consuming eggs may do nothing, or may yield one of the following events:
  • Spawn a Metin Stone close to the user.
  • Spawn a Boss close to the user.
  • Provide the user with a temporary buff.
    • Max HP.
    • Strong against Monsters.
    • Critical Chance.
    • Cooldown Reduction.
    • Skill Damage.
  • Curse the user with a temporary negative effect.
    • Poison.
    • Stun.
    • Slow.
    • Burn.
    • Freeze.

Empty Basket
Should the player have one on the inventory, the next Egg acquired will not consume inventory space, but be bound to the basket.
Transforms into Basket with Easter Eggs once filled with one egg.

Basket with Easter Eggs
Allows the next 10 Eggs acquired to be stored in it, saving inventory space. If the player has an Empty Basket and a Basket with Easter Eggs to fill in the inventory, the game will firstly fill the Basket with Easter Eggs.
Like Easter Eggs, can be used or delivered to the White Rabbit.

Catching Evil Rabbits
Evil Rabbits are normal entities in the game world. They are spawned in almost all the maps in the game.
Once one is found, clicking on it may do nothing or drop any of the following list of items:
  • Carrots - don't ask me, they are rabbits after all.
  • Easter Egg.
  • Empty Basket.
  • Basket with Easter Eggs.
    • Random amount of eggs inside.
  • Pet.
    • An Evil Rabbit Seal depending on its color: blue or red.
  • Metin Stone summon scrolls.
    • L.
    • N.
    • H.
  • Boss summon scrolls.
    • Chief Orc.
    • Esoteric Leader.
    • Queen Spider.
    • Desert Tortoise.
    • Flame King.
    • Nine Tails.
    • Proud Demon King.
    • Tiger Ghost.


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Dear fashionistas,

What's an event without fancy clothes? What's life without a spark of colour?
I guess we'll never know...


Sungura (250DC)

Aeolus and Astraeus (250DC)


Sungura (125DC)

Aeolus and Astraeus (125DC)

Mounts and skins

Easter Rabbit Seal

Easter Rabbit Skin (Green)


Evil Rabbit Seal (Red)
(10DC per hour)

EXP. +25% - Max. HP +1000 - Strong against Monster +5%

Evil Rabbit Seal (Blue)
(10DC per hour)

EXP. +25% - Max. HP +1000 - Strong against Monster +5%

Blue Peacock Seal
(10DC per hour)

Chance of Critical Hits +8% - Max. HP +1000 - Strong against Monster +5%

Green Peacock Seal
(10DC per hour)

Chance of Critical Hits +8% - Max. HP +1000 - Strong against Monster +5%

Amulet & Lollipop

Enchanted Amulet
  • Duration: 7 Days - real time
  • Price 100DC
  • Bonuses:
    • +10% Strong vs Monsters
    • +15% EXP
    • +1000 HP

Enchanted Lollipop
  • Duration: 7 Days - real time
  • Price 100DC
  • Bonuses:
    • +10% Critical attack
    • +15% Gold drop rate
    • +5% Double drop
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Dear community,

Straight to the point: we got a problem.
We captured some Evil Rabbits BUT they managed to escape. I'm not sure of the exact whereabouts, although I place my bet around the following places
  • Johwa City
  • Seungryong Valley
  • Yongbi Desert
  • Sohan Mount
  • Dark Temple
  • Snakefield
  • Giants' Wasteland
  • Fireland
  • Ghost and Red Forests
  • Nephrite Bay
  • Thunder Mountains
  • Gautama Cliff
  • Deceitful Forest
  • Deungsan Peaks

Hope that helps on finding them!
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Dear players,

We dropped an update right now to deliver a couple of bugfixes and adjustments on what concerns the Easter Event.
  • Evil Rabbits' modifications.
    • They no longer spawn in Deungsan Peaks.
      • Sadly this specific area has shown to be very troublesome in regards to spawns, so we are forced to remove them from it.
    • Respawn times have been adjusted to the loot they provide.
  • Tombola Price has been set to 15 Easter Points.
    • Now, not only the price has been increased, but it can also be subject of modification. After this update, we are free to manage it on the fly, and that means: without rolling another maintenance.
  • Fixed the cooldown of Easter Eggs consumption to 5 minutes.
  • Fixed misbehavior with newly acquired Eggs not being placed in Easter Baskets.

We hope you are enjoying it so far and apologize for the downtime.
As for the changes, keep in mind the event will run for 2 weeks straight, and for the first day* we can all agree it needed some tweaks!

*Total exchanged eggs is a sum of individual eggs and basket contents.


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Dear players,

Tomorrow, 5th may, as we announced, the event will end. You will be able to use the tombola until that moment.
The event will end exactly at 19:00 CEST.

Best regards,
The WoM team.
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