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Eclipse & Romania = Aurora

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Dear Players,

The awaited merge is finally here! It's happening tomorrow 15th of November, at 9:00AM (server time) when Eclipse and Romania servers will be shutdown to start the merge process.

Based on poll results ( Official Merge Poll Ec and here Official Merge Poll Ro ) where the opinions of our players are expressed clearly and "loudly", made us decide that best would be to just merge Eclipse and Romania servers.
Besides obvious advantage of this merge, like having more players online by merging two communities into one and hopefully attract more active players, this merge will help us do faster with maintenance (taking care of one server instead of two at the same time).

No progress will be lost in this merge process so you can continue on playing as normal until the servers go down for a merge update itself. Big downtime is not expected besides the fact that you will have to merge your account through the website, which shouldn't take more than a few minutes. However, there is no compensation planned to take place for merging your accounts, this time.
You will be notified about the merge progress from our side (copying your Eclipse and Romania stuff over to new Aurora server) in due time.

When time comes, we will enable this page and you can merge your account here: WoM2 | Aurora server | Merge

The most important facts about the merge:
  • There will be no progress loss for your character(s)
  • The merge itself will place all Eclipse players in Bojon Dynasty while players from Romania server to Jeongbog.
  • Players private shops from Romania server will be moved accordingly to their home town.
  • In case of character name conflict, the person who has the highest playtime with it will have it.
  • Unmerged character names from old Sol and Luna servers will be freed and available to be used again.
More detailed information you can find at the FAQ.
Join our merge duscussion thread here

The WoM team.
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Dear community.

After the merge of both Eclipse and Romania servers into Aurora, we realized, based on reports, that a bunch of important data wasn't included in the merging process.
I am talking about the safebox issues you have been facing recently. Passwords reset and not being able to change it.

Your old passwords cannot be recovered by now, however, you should be able to change them already. Hopefully, this is something we could handle without turning the server off.

If you're still facing issues, please do report it to a team member, giving your in-game nickname.

The WoM team.
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