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Eclipse/Romania Merge FAQ

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Here is a FAQ of questions (some borrowed from previous thread and adjusted because the process is pretty much the same). Feel free to ask in the discussion thread any questions not covered by this FAQ.

#1. How will the process be exactly when it's time to merge?
We'll first shut down the Eclipse and Romania servers before the Aurora open time. This gives us much needed time to gather up everyone's data, sort through the conflicts, and recreate it over at the new server. Once that's done, you will have to login to the WoM2 | Aurora server | Merge website and, provided there's no conflict with your account login (else, see #4), simply hit a button. And that's it! You will now be able to play on Aurora.

#2. What will be transferred over to the new server?
We will copy everything about your account: your coins, characters, items, skills, horses, pets, friends, marriages, your mall inventory, the guild you're at, your shop... everything.

#3. How will character name conflicts be resolved?
As you probably know, there cannot be two characters with the same name in the server, so we will check for that when we're merging, and the player who has the most playtime with a character name will get to keep it. The other player will be assigned a slightly different name (internally) therefore forced to change his name on the merge select window.

#4. How will account name (login) conflicts be resolved?
Much like with character names, there cannot be two equal account logins. Since account names don't represent you as a player in the game world, we will be giving them out on a first-come, first-serve basis. That is, if you have the same account name as another player, the first of you who completes the merge process will be the one to keep their account name - we will force the other to change it to another account name.

#5. How will Aurora be different from Eclipse and Romania?
Aurora will contain the same features as Eclipse and Romania servers.

#6. Will Aurora have more or less than 4 channels?
Nothing will change for now.

#7. What rewards will my account get?
There are no rewards for this merge of your accounts.

#8. How will guild name conflicts be dealt with?
They won't be. We will add a prefix to every guild's name ([Eclipse] / [Romania]), so regardless of whether your guild name already existed on the other server, you will be able to keep it.

#9. What about price checker?
Price checker will likely not have prices until ~day after, and even a few days for rarer items - it needs enough information about sales to generate accurate pricing.

#10. Will my Sentry protection remain ON?
Sentry will stay enabled for everyone who had it activated previously on Eclipse and Romania servers.

#11. Will i keep my Dynasty?
The merge itself will place all Eclipse players in Bojon Dynasty while players from Romania server will be moved to Jeongbog. Therefore, Jeongbog players will be relocated to Deungsan Citadel (new map) to reduce strain and keep the feeling of two different worlds as they were until now.

#12. [Jeongbog players]How can i locate my shop?
Simple! If you had a shop on Romania server all you have to do after logging on Aurora is to open your shop inventory and check the coordinates displayed in it, get to that spot on the map and you'll find your shop right there.


#13. Can i change my Dynasty?
Yes, you are free to change your dynasty, using Scroll of Betrayal as always. Do note that residents of both Bojon and Jeongbog might communicate using different languages and so you might not understand them. Think twice before doing so.
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