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Eggstravagant Eggstreme Egg Clashes - It's Easter!


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Dear players,

from today until next week's monday, you may gather eggs around the world and after having talked to the trusty Easter Rabbit you can boil them at campfires and engage in some good ol'fashioned egg tapping!

When you boil an easter egg at a campfire it gets assigned it's "Durability Value" from 1.0 to 10.0 - once boiled, presenting it to some of the NPCs in your hometowns will invite them to engage in a game of egg tapping. The strongest egg wins the duel! Every NPC keeps a static durability value until midnight GMT after which every NPC resets their durability. For every day however, egg durability is shared among all players so if the General Store for example challenges you with a value of 4.9, it's going to be 4.9 for every other player as well until midnight.

Do note that an NPCs egg durability will not be displayed to you directly so you have to infer it based on what you win and what you lose with. Sharing is caring, and ultimately winning!

Emerge victorious from a vicious egg tap and you'll receive a small reward for your troubles.

An eggstra happy easter from your WoM Team!


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The easter event started already guys!

Have fun in the game and communicate to find out the best NPC for you in that day.