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Fireland items

Hello, how i need to equip a lvl 54 sura with Enchanted Blade,Fear and Enchanted armour as skills m5 all of them and a pet that gives me 136 attack to farm comfortably at metin stones in fireland
I already have a fms avg 36 +5 stones ,silver bracelet 20 drop,leather boots 2k pv 15 avoid arrows,and a lvl 42 armour with 1.5k pv and 10 pv absorbtion +5 vitality and defence,
I also have a buff with m2 m2 that i am trying to get up, so what items do i need to make/buy or improve on?
i would Focus on your skills and then on buff , and then on mount

idk, why you leveld up 54 with that low skills and not even perfect mount, and a m2 buff… sry
make new char lvl 30-35, and farm map2-dragonvalley metins, till you have g skills on sura and buff ( and get full int Equipment for your buff ), a good buff will help you a lot