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LMAO how much did they pay him? xD

Edit xD
They probably didn't pay him, otherwise, he would have to say it was an AD. But nice tho, he's giving the game some "shine", just a shame that official is pay2win. Im still watching the video, to see if he finds out, that it is pay2win :P
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Watched it till the end. It's a good video, also for the team to see.

Cuz this was his first time to play the game.

He didn't understand that you have Z to pick up yang and could use the keyboard to hit and run, but that was that is.

He also said, the quests were boring and a waste of time and the speed of the character was shit! - If this the first impression a completely new player have, wom2 should add 20% moment speed costume to new players, that are untradeable, that last for 3 days or something. He also understood that the "Musk olie" mission just wanted the players to go to the item shop. GameForge in a nutshell.

Anyways, thanks for sharing Swi.


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Here is my recipe, to promote wom2. Let's go boiss.
EDIT: Just spammed a bit, i need to go to bed xD 5 hours sleep incoming, oopppss xD

Come play at: Welcome! | WoM2 landing page - Much better private server. The only thing we need on wom2, is more players, other than that, it's a really great server.
- New storyline(Chunjo, Shinsoo and Jinno is removed and replaced with 2 Dynasty: Jeongbog and Bojon, they live in 1 big town!)
- Old School style server
- International server (Many different languages, like Germany, Romania, Italy, Denmark, USA, Poland and many more!
- Max lvl 105
- No Lycan
- Able to be good without spending any money.
- Vote system, get 3 Dragon Coins every day, for voting.
- Sentry System (When this is activated, and someone tries to log in on your acc, they will need a 2nd code (Sent to your mail)
- A lot of new and fresh content.
- GMs/Staff that listen to their community and improving the game every day!

Sounds interesting? Get ready for battle, and join the journey with us!

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