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Halloween 2016

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It's that time of the year again where the witches fly the sky and kids collect candy wearing spooky costumes. And to honor it, we'll be having spooky costumes (including witch hats), some spooky monsters, and most certainly candy.

Duration: The main event will last until Nov 1st, 22:00 CET. From there onwards, there will be no pets or drops, and you will only be able to trade the candy/wand/pumpkin for Ghost Candy and Ghost Candy for Halloween Boxes until Nov 3rd, 16:00 CET, when the event will fully end.

Read below for all the details about the event:

Halloween Costumes
We're including a completely new set of costume (hair/costume & silver/gold style) this year, plus adding all the costumes from previous years. All costumes have 1.200 HP bonus and all hairs have a +10% Monster bonus. Here you can see the silver set and part of the golden one, mixed with the very successful witch set!

Ways to get a costume:
  • All the costumes and hairstyles will be available on the itemshop, with a 7 day duration.
    • Their time will start to run out right after you buy them.
  • Playing the game:
    • You can obtain permanent Zombie Suit (M) / Witch's Dress (F) and the hair for those sets:
      • These perm costumes will be obtainable exclusively from Giant Pumpkins.
      • They have 5% movement speed on the costume and 5% movement speed on the hairstyle, no other bonus.
    • You can also obtain 1 day costumes/hairs from the Halloween Box and Giant Pumpkins.
      • The time on these 1d costumes won't decrease until you wear them for the first time (except Fanged Helmet Silver).
Halloween Pets
Similar to last year, Pumpkin Heads will spawn around some maps. If you find one of them, they will run away, but not before cursing you, dropping a reward, spawning a boss, or spawning a Giant Pumpkin. There are a lot less than last year, so be on the lookout for them!

Pumpkin Heads spawn on the following maps:
  • All hometowns
  • Desert
  • Mountain Sohan
  • Guild Land maps
  • Dragon Valley
  • Guatama Cliff

Halloween Candy
We're well aware that candy is an absolute must on Halloween so, as on previous years, you will be able to drop Candy, Magic Wand and Pumpkins through farming. Magic Wand will drop from monsters, Candy from Metin Stones, and Pumpkin from bosses (although higher level bosses will drop more than one Pumpkin at a time).

Deliver 2x Candy, 2x Magic Wand and 1x Pumpkin to Jack O' Lantern (who will be at your hometown) in exchange for some even spookier Ghost Candy. Handu-Up is well known to like Ghost Candy, and will give you a Halloween Box in exchange for some. If you give him a lot, he might even undust some of the rare Golden Pumpkins!

Halloween Weapons
The Giant Pumpkin metins can only be defeated with a Halloween weapon. Talk to Jack O' Lantern to grab yours and never have to miss the rewards from a Giant Pumpkin! This year, unlike in the past, the weapons will only expire after the event. You won't need to make new halloween weapons after you get the initial ones.

Little there is left to add,
Happy Halloween!
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only guatama for all of us?this event gonna be useles for high level 1 map for so much player and only 1 metin stone there again high level players are out....

+we are 20 guys in guatama and zero pumpking 1 map many players and u forgot to activate the pup there?maybe we should delete our high level players and start making 50lvl pvp to feel that wom2 team care about us too...
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Not really, you can look for pets on all the maps, just like any other player :P
Spawns of pets are few and spread, they are truly rare.
where is the costumes in is? and can you make the dd maps not that much awful dark, it make famring boss/and metins pretty hard sinc ecan't see anything a bit far away
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