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Halloween 2016

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In my opinion an event in a game isn't a must. We can play without event. There is some events better than others. But I don't complain. If I don't like that event I just won't participate.

Let's see if that event is worth it after I come back from school...
This events are once in a year 2 hours of farming only 1 green bonus changer . They should be a bit easyer this is just p server. Correct me jf I'm wrong.


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Is it intended that Zombie Pumpkin Mask 7 days start counting since it dropped? If it is, it's quite useless for me to go on farming, because every costum i drop will be away in 1-7 days and i cant wear them all at the same time....
I think only 1 day masks don't start counting time after pick up.
Im confused because in description of the event there is no info that we can drop 7d masks from game.
The time on these 1d costumes won't decrease until you wear them for the first time (except Fanged Helmet Silver)."

This also counts for Fanged Costume Silver ? Because mine started counting time right after i dropped him


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but only 3 pumpkins from 30 bosses
Then you are not doing it right , after farming bosses for 3 hours i got 36 pumpkins (and i get the feeling i could do way better if i knew better spots than the ones i farmed), make sure you farm the right mobs.


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So what happend, alot of magic wands and candy's, but less pumpkin... Good that I make some gold while farming... lol.
So anyone have this permanent items? I saw already 1 in yellow.
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