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Halloween Event 2018

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Fear players!

Fear...? I meant to say dear... actually nevermind it's halloween time everyone so I guess fear is appropriate!
Our Halloween Event for 2018 will run from the 25th of October 2018 to the 3rd of November 2018.
During this time, you'll be able to engage in a variety of activities related to the festivities and Johwa City will be coated in spooky scary stuff to set the atmosphere!

The reapers are working overtime..
The spirits of Halloween find themselves hiding in all forms of live in Johwa City. Fear is omnipresent and the sounds of horror are hard to miss. You can only find out for yourself in what ways these spirits might be waiting to spook up your day.


The Devil is in the pumpkin..
Pumpkin Heads will spawn around certain maps and will run away if you approach them, but not before doing one of several things to you. Is it a blessing or a curse? Only they know. They might even summon a great Giant Pumpkin at extremely rare odds containing festival wonders for you to unearth!


They can be found in Johwa City, Desert, Mountain Sohan, Guild Land maps, Dragon Valley and the Guatama Cliff.

It's only fair to treat yourself...right?
You will be able to drop Candy, Magic Wands and Pumpkins through farming. Monsters will leave behind Magic Wands, Metin Stones may contain Candy (presuming they are not from within a dungeon) and Pumpkins can drop from Bosses (higher level bosses may drop several at a time).

Deliver 2 Candies, 2 Magic Wands and a Pumpkin to Jack O' Lantern, who will be waiting for you in Johwa City, in exchange for one of his favourite treats: The Ghost Candy. Handu-Up is willing to trade said Ghost Candy for a Halloween Box containing spooky rewards! If you earn his favor he might even give you a Golden Pumpkin.

Swords will do no good with Ghosts!
Should you happen across a Giant Pumpkin, only Halloween Weapons will be able to deal damage against these spectral beings! Please make sure to grab yours from Jack O'Lantern timely when the event begins! You wouldn't want to miss out on your well-earned spectacle!

Dress up for the occasion!
You may be able to obtain certain costumes through Giant Pumpkins. While a few of them return to haunt you from last year, there's also a new set waiting for you to discover! Additionally, a different coloured variant of the new set is available in Itemshop for the impatient ones wanting to howl into the night this halloween! You should make sure to definitely work on both to be ready for the spooky spectacle this year!

Happy Halloween to you all!
From your WoM2 Team
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