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Horse skins on the basis of mount skins

Are horse skins something WoM needs?

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Suggestion: Add the possibility to equip existing mount skins (Camel, Easter Rabbit, Cerberus, etc) for normal/armed/military horses.

Since it's become public knowledge that a mount skin inventory in the future it will be viable to own up to 3 pets/mounts, there's possible merit in adding the same option for horses as well.

  • To bring another layer of cosmetics for levels until 40, once mounts become available.
  • Boost sales of mounts, and by extension, Dragon Coins, even if by a small percentage. Most of the playerbase is concentrated above level 40, hence this suggestion would be of value to a minority of players.

Is this something you'd like to see or would use? Particularly interested in hearing PACI's and Steven's thoughts on the matter, however any feedback is appreciated.
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As far as I know, wom used to have horse skins at one point. I don't want the horses to look like the pets, but I'd like some horse skins, for example you could have a horse skin available in IS, since Halloween is coming, that would make your horse look more "pumpkinesque" :joy: