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Insta-Easter Giveaway

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Dear players,

This Easter might be gone, but its spirit still floats all around the server.
The bunny left for you some more presents, but he has some conditions:

1.Go and follow our Instagram Page

WoM2 Official Instagram Page

2. Tag a friend that you want to play WoM2 with in the following post:

If those wishes will be granted, his mighty box with rewards will be once more opened:

First 3 places: One Sungura Set (Blue)
or Sungura Set (Gray)
or Aeolus Set
or Astraeus Set
(375DC value)

4th to 6th places: The Easter Rabbit Seal

7th to 9th places: One Easter Pet with a duration of 10h by choice

10th to 20th places: 50DC

The giveaway has place until 1st May! Immediately after that we'll announce the winners!
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