Introducing the new Art and Design section | WoM2 Forum

Introducing the new Art and Design section

Hi community,

we're happy to announce that a new section is now here in our forum,
the Art and Design section!
If you've a passion for traditional/digital art, you can share your work here.
You have now the possibilty to open your personal Gallery, let others see how good you are!

Update your thread every time you'll have something new to share, so that people can leave you comments/tips and also helpful critiques. They will see also your improvements!

We look forward to see your masterpieces!
Your WoM Team.
We haven't specified yet, but, beside showing your portfolio, you can also request images (e.g. banners) and if there is someone who wants to learn photoshop or if there are other designers, they can solve the request. And, of course, you can post tutorials about signatures, banners, photomanipulations etc.