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Levels - PvP related

He probably meant some PVP ranking;
Proabably something along the lines of: You win a duel, the dojang etc. you get some points that will count towards a separate level.

Overall, i don't really see this thing to be really needed, and we already have the "floating gm like" thingy for the best;
but would be a nice to have a way to track all your win/lost dues & dojans.
Exactly as ghostalau said. With kills, assists and wins, you get some points that will ''count towards a separate level''. With those levels, you can get some advantages in PvP, so people will be more likely to fight against others. I have no idea what advantage they could get, but some things to help in PvP. And this idea doesn't only involve events and duels, but free in killing the other dynasty as well.

Except in dojang and Nation war, I don't see a lot of people fighting. They are just in non-safe zone afk 24/7.

And yes, it would be nice to have a window we can open to track our win/lost, kills/death with ratio, etc, even if we're not in top 3.