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@Yopjustme @Cakes
Pm my discord PrnHub#1549

I dont know who you talked to, maybe it was the char PoornHub, thats not me -.-
And stop spreading lies about my account.

EDIT: if the guys said hes me in romanian, report him. and he gets a ban.
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I don't know why you're so stressed on this subject. Whether it's true or not is just your problem.
I just made an observation about your behavior.
I'm 100% sure it wasn't another account, because I'm not talking about Odyssey, I'm talking about Aurora. Dozens of days have passed since then.
I talked to you about your mental pvp account and your youtube activity. I spoke on both of your characters, the 45 and 75.
We both spoke Romanian... the rest is up to you.
As I said above, it only concerns you. I will not answer other replies. I'm not the detective. But I'm definitely not stupid and I have no memory loss.
It's just your job, after all, most of us are anonymous.
I intervened only because your attitude towards the Romanian community did not seem normal to me. Whether or not you are Romanian. (Although I'm convinced you are)

some server have this, still got spamed with ''ro?'' or ''esti?''
Wont change anything
I will leave this here only to clarify those that have no context. (it's about the topic of adding flags next to the name)


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thats so many lies in just one message, not bad. probably a new record xD
i pay 100kkk to someone who proofs that im Ro


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I fairly doubt this is a topic with a general interest, so I'll move it to off-topic and you can measure and argue the most important question of the year - Is PrnHub really a Romanian? If yes, why?
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