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Meley VS Nemere

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I come to ask and find out, because this works like this. Nemere is open 24-7-365, and meley only x2 per day. I know that meley produces more yang, I'm not saying that they open 24-7 but x3 or x4 per day i think its ok. Meley is very easy with some classes. And the prices of good alchemy continue to rise

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Meley is good because it is limited to 2x per day. You either invest a lot more time and money into making it farmable more often (make more chars), or take the 2x per day, and do something else. I would definitely not increase the amount of runs u can do /day/char. What is disputable however, is that the 1 hr cd could be reomved, since it legit has no merits whatsoever, and whoever wants to do 2x meley a day does it, whoever does only 1 does only 1. So the cd is totally irrelevant (unlike Razador, because u can do any amount of Razadors a day).
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